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Submission By: Tom Gilheany What image springs to mind when you think about cybercrime? Some solitary hacker lurking in a dark, dank basement lit only by displays, madly banging away on a keyboard? Think again. And think in terms of enterprise on a global scale. Cybercrime has come a long, long way, and that means trouble for every legitimate business and individual too. To succeed in the ... Read more

Every year, Learning@Cisco surveys our global base of Cisco-certified professionals. We ask a range of questions, probing such areas as class and exam satisfaction, content and modality preferences, learning and career pathways, and technology and job role outlooks. Thousands respond each year to our Customer Insights Survey. (You may be one of them. If so, thank you!) And we spend months poring ... Read more

Testament to the fact that ransomware has truly reared its ugly head is the fact that it's a key preoccupation of the Cisco 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report. Cisco not only produces a hefty annual security report, but each year also puts out the midyear report, a welcome addition in this fast-changing time in the industry. And time seems to be on the side of the cyberattacker, who's gotten good ... Read more

Today I’d like to wrap up our coverage of the “Essentials of CCNA Routing and Switching” webinar series that we’ve been exploring for the past two weeks. Because it’s our core certification that is undergoing significant change, we’ve wanted to make sure you’ve had the chance to get thoroughly immersed in our three-part webinar program all about CCNA ... Read more

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