Networking professionals must become the rainmakers for transformation in digital business

Submission By: Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn


There is a huge opportunity for networking professionals right now to help shape the digital road map for business. Every industry is facing stiff competition and using digital transformation as its way to out-innovate and compete to survive.

Our customers want to spend more time innovating with technology and less time doing standard operations. They see this digital journey as a 911 for IT to create systems that orchestrate outcomes and that can automate changes on the fly that improve customer and employee experiences. They also want technology to serve the business need to keep information and business assets secure and lower their total cost of operations.

This means that businesses are investing in new technologies like never before. The cause and effect we will continue to see is rise in the demand for new skills and talent to meet the new challenges of a digital business.

According to IDC, the worldwide networking programmability market will have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 54 percent from 2014 to 2020. That burgeoning market will be worth almost $12.5 billion in 2020. This, coupled with the market growth of security projected at $116.8 billion in 2019, shows how technology spending is indeed growing to keep business competitive. This growth also means that the demand for IT professionals with the necessary skills will increase substantially.

Networkers, this is your time to shine.

The Right Skills Require the Right Training

At Cisco, we’re working to help networking professionals seize these new opportunities by empowering them with the most up-to-date skills and training.

Technology sectors no longer exist in silos—one technology affects others. For example, you can’t deploy cloud and enhanced access without a clear understanding of the security behind it. That’s why Cisco is rolling out a new framework across all of its Expert-level certifications to address evolving and emerging technologies. Starting in July with CCIE Data Center, CCIE programs will be revised to include network programmability, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud. Cisco has also recently announced a $10 million global cybersecurity scholarship to invest in the cyber skills necessary to secure digital business.

cisco-network-programmability.jpgAdditionally, we’re introducing a major refresh of our Network Programmability Specialist certifications. This program addresses the evolving role of the engineer, leveraging the powerful level of abstraction of controller-based architectures to create real added value for customers through APIs and automation. Furthermore, the new Designing and Implementing Cisco Network Programmability exam will be available at Cisco Live for people to take for the first time. DevNet coding sessions, learning labs, and other resources will enable people to prepare for the exam and earn a Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialist certification.

Looking Ahead—A Call to Action

Digitization is changing the entire world, including businesses, political parties, and municipalities, and the challenge will only get more difficult.

Networking pros, you must rise to this challenge. Those who will succeed in this new digital era are those who recognize the opportunity that the market shift toward software-defined networking brings. The time is now to leverage this evolution and become a change agent in your community and organization.

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Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn is Vice President and General Manager of the Business Enablement and Strategy team within Cisco Services. In this role, she leads Learning@Cisco, Technical Services strategy and operations, and the Center of Excellence for innovation, globalization, and commercialization. For more information about Jeanne, click here.