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We believe Cisco's updating of the CCNA Routing and Switching certification (v3.0) is important enough to warrant more than a single blog post! Last week we started to explore the "Essentials of CCNA Routing and Switching" webinar series that Learning@Cisco rolled out in June to great enthusiasm. If you missed that blog post, start by taking a look here. In the post, we shared what our Routing ... Read more

Technology evolves, and with it, so do certifications. That was the theme two months ago when Cisco announced v3.0 of its CCNA Routing and Switching certification. This blog stressed that CCNA R&S v3.0 is anything but an everyday refresh. Instead, the update reflects fundamental change in the knowledge and skills required increasingly of networking professionals today. Given the significance ... Read more

Networking professionals must become the rainmakers for transformation in digital business Submission By: Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn There is a huge opportunity for networking professionals right now to help shape the digital road map for business. Every industry is facing stiff competition and using digital transformation as its way to out-innovate and compete to survive. Our customers want to ... Read more

I’ve been at Cisco for a quarter-century! I’m very grateful for the opportunity that I was given in the spring of 1991 to become an employee of a small company focused on something called the “Internet.” I struggle to see the big deal of 25 years, but people keep telling me it’s a big deal so maybe it is. In those years, I’ve seen a lot of change here at Cisco. ... Read more

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