Since the inception of the “Talking Tech with Cisco” blog last September, I’ve written about IT salaries five or six times. Those particular blog posts are interesting to a lot of you, not surprisingly, but each time I’ve had primarily North American (United States and Canada) salary data to share, but nothing from other parts of the world.

The other day, however, I noticed that our team’s market intelligence manager here at Cisco had a collection of 2016 Robert Half Technology salary reports from a range of countries around the world. Even though sorting through their data required a bit of language translation effort, I decided that it was time the rest of the globe got some coverage. If you want to refresh your memory on my summary of the Robert Half 2016 Salary Guide for the United States and Canada, click here. Otherwise, let’s dig into what’s happening elsewhere on the planet. While there are number of job roles showing little or no growth between this year and last, others are revealing explosive growth, so do have a look.


In Australia, says the Robert Half 2016 Salary Guide, rapid technological advances are causing companies to embrace cloud computing, big data, and mobile technologies and thus driving up demand for individuals with skills in those areas.

The survey by Robert Half of 100 Australian CIOs reveals that 93 percent are finding it challenging to obtain IT talent. The top five hiring areas deemed most challenging by the CIOs are database management, software management, networking, IT security, and project management. Also, of the 100 Australian CIOs polled, 48 percent were adding new positions for IT and technology professionals.

Here are 2016 annual salaries, in Australian dollars, for particular roles in Australia:

Job RoleSalary Range% Increase from Previous Year
Chief Information Officer (CIO)/IT Director (Brisbane)$150,000 - $250,0000.0%
CIO/IT Director (Melbourne)$200,000 - $320,0000.0%
CIO/IT Director (Perth)$195,000 - $300,0000.0%
CIO/IT Director (Sydney)$200,000 - $350,0000.0%
Infrastructure Architect (Brisbane)$110,000 - $130,0000.0%
Infrastructure Architect (Melbourne)$110,000 - $155,0002.0%
Infrastructure Architect (Perth)$120,000 - $150,0000.0%
Infrastructure Architect (Sydney)$110,000 - $165,0006.0%
Infrastructure Manager (Brisbane)$100,000 - $140,0000.0%
Infrastructure Manager (Melbourne)$110,000 - $160,0000.0%
Infrastructure Manager (Perth)$90,000 - $160,0000.0%
Infrastructure Manager (Sydney)$120,000 - $175,0009.0%
IT Manager (Brisbane)$100,000 - $150,0000.0%
IT Manager (Melbourne)$120,000 - $155,0000.0%
IT Manager (Perth)$95,000 - $140,0000.0%
IT Manager (Sydney)$120,000 - $170,0007.0%
Network Engineer (Brisbane)$90,000 - $127,0002.0%
Network Engineer (Melbourne)$75,000 - $120,0003.0%
Network Engineer (Perth)$80,000 - $115,0003.0%
Network Engineer (Sydney)$75,000 - $120,0002.0%



In Brazil, 36 percent of 100 Brazilian human resource managers polled indicated that technical skills are considered when increasing employee salaries. The Brazilian report from Robert Half Technology indicates that while it has been a challenging year in the IT field, the market nevertheless offers good opportunities for technology professionals as pressure is put on businesses to make investments in IT. Many companies in Brazil are taking their first steps toward implementing a big data strategy capable of handling the enormity of data in a secure manner.

Here are some salary ranges, in Brazilian real (R$), from the Brazilian report. These figures represent monthly wages:

Job RoleSalary Range% Increase from Previous Year
IT Director/Chief Information Officer (CIO) (revenue > R$500 million)R$25,200 - R$55,0000.2%
IT Director/CIO (revenue < R$500 million)R$20,200 - R$40,0000.3%
IT Manager (revenue > R$500 million)R$16,100 - R$30,0000.2%
IT Manager (revenue < R$500 million)R$12,000 - R$26,000-2.6%
Infrastructure Manager (revenue > R$500 million)R$11,100 - R$20,0000.3%
Infrastructure Manager (revenue < R$500 million)R$7,100 - R$12,0000.5%
Infrastructure Coordinator (revenue > R$500 million)R$6,600 - R$10,0000.6%
Infrastructure Coordinator (revenue < R$500 million)R$5,100 - R$8,0000.7%
Senior Infrastructure Analyst (revenue > R$500 million)R$5,100 - R$8,5000.7%
Senior Infrastructure Analyst (revenue < R$500 million)R$4,100 - R$7,0000.9%
Infrastructure Analyst (revenue > R$500 million)R$4,100 - R$6,5000.9%
Infrastructure Analyst (revenue < R$500 million)R$3,100 - R$5,0001.2%
Junior Infrastructure Analyst (revenue > R$500 million)R$3,100 - R$4,5001.3%
Junior Infrastructure Analyst (revenue < R$500 million)R$2,100 - R$4,0001.7%


The infrastructure jobs in the above chart include networking, information security, and cloud.


In Chile, demand for IT professionals is expected to grow, according to Robert Half, because of the penetration of technology into all areas of the economy. Some of the skills that companies are looking for are programming, project management, infrastructure management, and information security. Specialists in infrastructure and business development for IT products and services are in high demand.

While IT salaries are not generally expected to exceed the inflation rate, IT specialists with strong technical skill sets, a high mastery of English, and key soft skills could command more.

Some Chilean salary ranges, in Chilean pesos, are as follows. These salary figures represent gross monthly wages:

Job RoleSalary Range% Increase from Previous Year
IT Director/Chief Information Officer (CIO) (large companies)$6,500,000 - $12,000,0001.1%
IT Manager (large companies)$4,300,000 - $7,500,0000.8%
IT Manager (small and medium enterprises)$3,100,000 - $4,700,0001.3%
IT Infrastructure Manager (large companies)$3,300,000 - $5,100,0002.4%
IT Infrastructure Coordinator (large companies)$2,200,000 - $3,600,0005.4%
IT Infrastructure Coordinator (small and medium enterprises)$1,600,000 - $2,800,0000.0%
Infrastructure Analyst (large companies)$1,200,000 - $2,700,0002.6%
Infrastructure Analyst (small and medium enterprises)$1,000,000 - $2,500,0002.9%



Robert Half France reports its most favorable employment numbers in the technology sector. In fact, the technology sector is marked by a shortage of qualified individuals, according to the French report, with 78 percent of the 100 CIOs and IT directors polled revealing difficulties in finding skilled professionals.

Big data is emerging as an in-demand area in France. In the wake of cyberattacks, another concern is the need for those with security skills. The French report also acknowledges the growing importance of digital transformation, citing the fact that less than 20 percent of the companies in the CAC 40 (French stock market index) have a Chief Digital Officer.

Here are some of the French numbers (annual) in euros:

Job RoleSalary Range% Increase from Previous Year
Chief Digital Officer (> 15 years)€150,000 - €350,00015.4%
Chief Digital Officer (10-15 years)€120,000 - €160,000-2.2%
Director of Information Systems (> 15 years)€149,000 - €201,0003.1%
Director of Information Systems (10-15 years)€103,000 - €151,0003.4%
Chief Data Officer (> 15 years)€146,000 - €186,0003.3%
Chief Data Officer (10-15 years)€103,000 - €147,0003.4%
Technical Director (> 15 years)€113,000 - €136,0003.6%
Technical Director (10-15 years)€98,000 - €115,0003.1%
Technical Director (5-10 years)€77,000 - €99,0003.7%
Telecommunications Network Architect (10-15 years)€70,500 - €90,5001.6%
Telecommunications Network Architect (5-10 years)€58,000 - €72,0002.2%
Data Scientist (3-5 years)€45,000 - €65,0000.2%
Data Scientist (0-3 years)€35,000 - €45,0000.3%
Network and System Administrator (10-15 years)€55,000 - €67,0003.4%
Network and System Administrator (5-10 years)€45,000 - €55,0002.8%
Network and System Administrator (3-5 years)€36,000 - €46,0003.8%
Network and System Technician (0-3 years)€20,500 - €27,0003.3%
Helpdesk Technician (0-3 years)€20,500 - €26,5004.4%



Robert Half’s salary report from Germany has this headline within its pages: “Qualified IT Staff: Hard to Find and Bind.” Of the CIOs and CTOs surveyed for the German report, 90 percent acknowledged that the search for IT professionals is a challenge. But keeping existing staff is also important to these leaders. Approximately two-thirds (65 percent) are concerned about the loyalty of their IT workers.

The IT skill sets most in demand, according to 200 CIOs and CTOs polled as part of the German report, are network administration (37 percent), database management (35 percent), and virtualization (31 percent). In addition, 93 percent of those surveyed had plans to invest in IT projects in the year ahead.

Given the high demand, qualified German job candidates are in the driver’s seat when it comes to gaining favorable positions. Here are some German annual salary ranges, in euros, from the Robert Half report:

Job RoleSalary Range% Increase from Previous Year
Chief Information Officer (CIO) (> 15 years)> €168,0000.8%
CIO (10-15 years)€133,000 - €174,0000.8%
CIO (6-9 years)€103,000 - €142,0000.8%
CIO (3-5 years)€86,000 - €106,0000.8%
Chief Security Officer (CSO) (> 15 years)> €140,0001.0%
CSO (10-15 years)€121,500 - €151,0001.0%
CSO (6-9 years)€93,000 - €128,5001.0%
CSO (3-5 years)€77,500 - €95,0001.0%
Head of IT (> 15 years)> €112,0000.6%
Head of IT (10-15 years)€83,000 - €116,0000.6%
Head of IT (6-9 years)€72,000 - €92,0000.6%
Head of IT (3-5 years)€62,500 - €74,5000.6%
IT Team Leader (> 15 years)> €90,0000.7%
IT Team Leader (10-15 years)€73,500 - €91,0000.7%
IT Team Leader (6-9 years)€64,000 - €75,0000.7%
IT Team Leader (3-5 years)€55,500 - €65,0000.7%
Head of Infrastructure (> 15 years)> €86,0001.5%
Head of Infrastructure (10-15 years)€73,000 - €87,0001.5%
Head of Infrastructure (6-9 years)€62,000 - €75,0001.5%
Head of Infrastructure (3-5 years)€54,000 - €63,0001.5%
Network Architect (> 15 years)> €73,5001.0%
Network Architect (10-15 years)€57,500 - €74,0001.0%
Network Architect (6-9 years)€48,500 - €59,5001.0%
Network Architect (3-5 years)€43,500 - €50,5001.0%
Network Engineer (> 15 years)> €69,5000.6%
Network Engineer (10-15 years)€56,500 - €69,5000.6%
Network Engineer (6-9 years)€47,500 - €58,5000.6%
Network Engineer (3-5 years)€42,000 - €49,0000.6%
Network and Security Administrator (> 15 years)> €60,5001.0%
Network and Security Administrator (10-15 years)€50,500 - €60,5001.0%
Network and Security Administrator (6-9 years)€42,500 - €52,5001.0%
Network and Security Administrator (3-5 years)€39,500 - €44,5001.0%
Network Administrator (> 15 years)> €61,0002.5%
Network Administrator (10-15 years)€48,500 - €61,0002.5%
Network Administrator (6-9 years)€41,500 - €51,0002.5%
Network Administrator (3-5 years)€36,500 - €42,0002.5%
VoIP Specialist (> 15 years)> €62,5001.1%
VoIP Specialist (10-15 years)€48,500 - €62,5001.1%
VoIP Specialist (6-9 years)€40,500 - €50,5001.1%
VoIP Specialist (3-5 years)€35,500 - €42,5001.1%


Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, 93 percent of business leaders say it’s challenging to find talent for IT positions, according to Robert Half Technology. Security is a highly sought-after skill. Forty-seven percent of 75 CIOs and CTOs surveyed say they plan to offer higher salaries to get what they want.

Here are some annual IT salary stats, in Hong Kong dollars, for Hong Kong:

Job RoleSalary Range% Increase from Previous Year
Chief Information Officer (CIO)/Chief Technology Officer (CTO)$1,500,000+0.0%
Data Architect$800,000 - $1,000,0000.0%
Network Manager$600,000 - $960,0000.0%
IT Manager$580,000 - $1,000,0003.0%
IT Security/IT Risk$540,000 - $1,000,0004.0%
Infrastructure Manager$500,000 - $1,000,0001.0%
Security Analyst/Consultant$480,000 - $840,0002.0%
Network Engineer$420,000 - $720,0006.0%
Network Administrator$360,000 - $720,0006.0%
Voice/Data/Telephony Engineer$350,000 - $600,0006.0%



The IT talent gap is a factor in Japan, where 84 percent of CIOs and CTOs indicate challenges in finding suitably skilled candidates and 85 percent reflect concern about losing their best performers in 2016, says Robert Half. As such, 47 percent of these IT leaders indicated plans to increase salaries while 35 percent intend to ramp up bonuses.

Among top reasons for recruiting in Japan for 2016 are migration to a cloud-based infrastructure and to address IT risk and security. The CIOs and CTOs surveyed state that security and networking are among the top 5 most difficult areas in which to find skilled job candidates.

Japanese annual salary information, in Japanese yen, is as follows:

Job RoleSalary Range% Increase from Previous Year
IT Director/Chief Information Officer (CIO)¥12,000,000 - ¥40,000,000n/a
Data Center Manager¥9,000,000 - ¥15,000,000n/a
Infrastructure/Operations Manager¥8,000,000 - ¥18,000,000n/a
IT Audit/IT Security/IT Risk¥8,000,000 - ¥16,000,000n/a
Network Support Engineer¥8,000,000 - ¥12,000,000n/a


No information about percentage of salary increase over the previous year was available for Japan.


As in other countries, CIOs and CTOs are having difficulty finding skilled candidates in Singapore, to the tune of 96 percent, says the 2016 Robert Half findings. And, as in other countries, security is at the top of the list of highly sought technology skills.

The majority (93 percent) of the CIOs and CTOs are concerned about losing their top talent. Salary increases were on the agenda for 57 percent of those polled, and bonuses in the plan for 32 percent.

Here are some of the annual salaries, in Singapore dollars, of greatest interest to our audience:

Job RoleSalary Range% Increase from Previous Year
Chief Information Officer (CIO) (Financial Services)$240,000 - $360,0005.0%
CIO (Commerce and Industry)$160,000 - $275,0009.0%
IT Director (Financial Services)$160,000 - $250,0000.0%
IT Director (Commerce and Industry)$120,000 - $160,0000.0%
Infrastructure Architect (Financial Services)$120,000 - $180,0000.0%
Infrastructure Architect (Commerce and Industry)$90,000 - $130,0000.0%
Senior Security Analyst/Consultant (Financial Services)$110,000 - $150,00018.0%
Senior Security Analyst/Consultant (Commerce and Industry)$90,000 - $130,00016.0%
Senior IT Auditor/IT Risk (Financial Services)$100,000 - $180,0008.0%
Senior IT Auditor/IT Risk (Commerce and Industry)$90,000 - $130,00021.0%
IT Manager (Financial Services)$100,000 - $160,0000.0%
IT Manager (Commerce and Industry)$90,000 - $130,00010.0%
Network/Infrastructure Manager (Financial Services)$90,000 - $130,0000.0%
Network/Infrastructure Manager (Commerce and Industry)$78,000 - $120,0005.0%
IT Auditor/IT Risk (Financial Services)$75,000 - $120,00011.0%
IT Auditor/IT Risk (Commerce and Industry)$60,000 - $100,00019.0%
Security Analyst/Consultant (Financial Services)$70,000 - $110,00013.0%
Security Analyst/Consultant (Commerce and Industry)$60,000 - $90,0007.0%
Network Engineer (Financial Services)$70,000 - $100,0006.0%
Network Engineer (Commerce and Industry)$60,000 - $100,0006.0%


United Kingdom

The United Kingdom sounds a similar theme to the countries already mentioned, with 96 percent of CIOs polled admitting that it is difficult to find skilled IT professionals. According to the Robert Half report for the U.K., employees with cloud, mobile, and infrastructure skills are particularly scarce while cybersecurity is also a highly treasured expertise.

The Robert Half survey goes on to say that 7 out of 10 job candidates are more likely to negotiate their salary than last year. This result dovetails with the fact that 41 percent of CIOs surveyed indicated that they would increase salaries for IT professionals, and 20 percent stated that they would pay out extra bonuses.

Security and networking are deemed areas that will experience the highest salary increases during the next five years.

Here are annual salary figures, in British pounds, for the United Kingdom:

Job RoleSalary Range% Increase from Previous Year
Chief Information Officer (CIO)£126,500 - £243,2501.4%
Chief Architect£120,000 - £155,0002.2%
Chief Security Officer (CSO)£98,250 - £149,5002.1%
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)£83,500 - £158,7501.5%
IT Director£93,750 - £126,7501.5%
IT Manager/Head of IT£80,250 - £115,5002.1%
Information Security Manager£63,250 - £97,5006.6%
Data Architect£59,750 - £79,2503.2%
Infrastructure Architect£57,500 - £76,7503.3%
Senior IT Auditor£54,750 - £75,5005.5%
Infrastructure Manager£48,500 - £75,2504.2%
Information Security Officer£45,750 - £68,2506.0%
IT Auditor£45,500 - £65,7506.2%
Network Manager£38,250 - £58,7504.9%
Network Engineer£35,750 - £53,7504.7%
Security Network Engineer£33,500 - £52,5005.8%


Delve deeper into Robert Half Salary Guide information for the above countries here:

If you are employed as an IT professional in any of the countries covered above and have any thoughts to add, or would like to make some input about a different country, you are invited to do so in the Comments section below! And if this post has put you into an international frame of mind, check out these IT networking success stories from around the globe.



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