Today’s blog post is all about show-‘n’-tell. You’ve been hearing a lot about how the Internet of Things (IoT) is pushing the need for digital agility to the forefront of organizational agendas everywhere. Cisco likes to take the IoT definition and extend it to encompass the Internet of Everything (IoE), a world in which people, processes, data, and things are able to be interconnected.

I’ve recently shared with you the results of studies by Salesforce Research, the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, and TEKsystems, as well as a webinar by Learning@Cisco’s leader Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, all pointing to how IoT and the attendant need for digital innovation have become a major disruptive force in the business landscape and beyond.

Wherever You Go, IoE Is There

Today’s show-‘n’-tell is about providing inspiration as you contemplate that landscape. Cisco has collected 100 IoE customer stories in “Digital Transformation with the Internet of Everything,” a compendium that demonstrates organizations in a dozen different categories embracing the idea of digital transformation and running with it. Whether it is education, energy, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, mining and materials, retail, service provider, sports and entertainment, or transportation, there’s an IoE success story to be told.

Here are descriptions of a handful of those stories to whet the appetite and give you a sense of just how sweeping the reach of IoE is.


First, let’s look at the field of education, where the Hong Kong Academy (HKA), an International Baccalaureate school for preschool to grade 12 students, uses a digital learning approach that includes use of technology in the classroom and an “aggressive BYOD initiative.” To accomplish this, the challenge for HKA was to be able to implement a network that could “deliver sufficient capacity and reliability to support the surge in devices, combined with the ability to prioritize bandwidth for lessons and classroom assignments.”

Using Cisco wired and wireless networking solutions, teachers connect their laptops to projectors from anywhere in the classroom. Meanwhile, IT staff at HKA use the real-time analytics capability of Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) to investigate behavioral patterns and trends so as to be able to optimize Wi-Fi access. And, the IT staff also turns to Cisco’s Identity Services Engine to “automate and simplify policy control for the BYOD environment,” which helps prioritize use across the campus and prevent unauthorized, high-bandwidth usage.



Over in Barcelona, Spain, the city makes use of the Cisco Smart+Connected solution to deliver government services at a lower cost, reduce its carbon footprint, and, in general, make Barcelona a more livable urban center. Drivers can use their smartphones to communicate with in-ground parking sensors to quickly locate available parking spaces. Tourists can use touchscreen kiosks at bus stops to learn about transportation, area commerce, and cultural attractions.

Wireless sensors monitoring such utilities as street lighting help Barcelona deliver city services more cheaply. Furthermore, the Smart+Connected implementation has actually created 47,000 new jobs.


Next, we have an IoE example from the energy sector. Ti Xing Power Company in the Chinese province of Jiang Su improved its energy management with real-time monitoring. The company connects “everything from sensors on transmission cables to transformers and switchgears inside the Jiang Su communities” to help it remotely identify the precise locations of problems before having to drive to the fault area to take care of them.

In addition, the fact that Ti Xing can respond immediately to power failures by remotely controlling switchgears translates into much quicker power restoration times. Ti Xing also built a cloud-based platform to oversee the communities’ power distribution from mobile devices.


In the healthcare arena, the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) in Orange, California, has turned to a virtual pediatric network (VPN) that connects leading pediatric oncologists from CHOC with five other major hospital locations. The VPN leverages Cisco TelePresence video conferencing to allow doctors to collaborate on how to treat children and teens with rare forms of cancer.

Beyond that, the goal is to have the VPN link as many as 200 facilities nationwide that deliver care to pediatric cancer patients. Hospitals and oncologists can thus combine their expertise to bring the best doctor care possible to young patients no matter where they live.


Our last example comes from the realm of retail, where Stary Browar, a shopping, arts, and business center in Poznań, Poland, is meeting the demands of today’s consumers for new kinds of engaging in-store digital experiences. Shoppers connect to Stary Browar’s Wi-Fi network, log into the center’s app to share with friends over social media, use a virtual map to route themselves through the center, and receive personalized offers on their smartphones.

By harnessing the analytics capabilities of Cisco CMX, Stary Browar can detect all devices connected to its network and collect useful data about number of visitors, dwell times, and shopping patterns. The end result of this IoE scenario for Stary Browar is increased ability to innovate and also ”open up new monetization opportunities.”

With 100 different stories, there’s probably some accounts in here that match your own work or leisure environment pretty closely, so have a browse through “Digital Transformation with the Internet of Everything” and let us know in the Comments below if there are any examples in here that seem particularly cool or impressive to you.

Taken as a whole, this collection shows that the Internet of Everything truly is the Internet of everything.

Cisco even has an Internet of Things Specialist certification especially for those in the manufacturing, process control, and oil and gas industries. Learn more here.


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Gary Pfitzer is a content manager at Learning@Cisco, focused on bringing various aspects of today's IT journey to light through business papers, blogging, customer success stories, and other writing.