Last month, I shared with you a forecast from TEKsystems about some of the biggest concerns for IT organizations in 2016: security, data, and cloud being high on the list. The IT recruitment firm is keeping us informed once again about the state of the IT realm, this time by surveying 200 IT executives intensively about the Internet of Things (IoT).

The survey respondents were all IT or business leaders representing organizations with at least $250 million in annual revenue. TEKsystems’ goal was to discover how they see the impact of IoT, what they are doing to prepare, and what they view as their objectives and challenges.

IT Decision Makers Are Paying Attention to IoTIoT-job-skills.jpg

Perhaps most compelling in the survey is the fact that 55 percent of the IT executives indicated that IoT will have either a transformational or significant impact to their business during the next five years. Only 2 percent indicated that there would be no impact.

Technology (for example, data management and analysis, and infrastructure management) was ranked as the topmost focus of the respondents’ IoT initiatives, followed by products or services.

While only 22 percent of the executives have reached an implementation phase in terms of IoT-driven processes, services, or products, another 36 percent are in the planning or piloting phases. The remainder are all at least considering IoT or in early discussion about how it could impact their organization.

IoT Job Skills It Could Prove Valuable to Have

For those of you thinking about gearing your career to the rise of IoT, here are the skill sets that the survey respondents said they were having the greatest difficulty in finding for their IoT initiatives:

  1. Information security: 45%
  2. Big-data analytics: 34%
  3. Architects: 27%
  4. Cloud: 23%
  5. Programmers and developers: 21%
  6. Business intelligence: 19%
  7. Software engineers: 17%
  8. Networking: 16%
  9. Business analysts: 13%


It is not surprising to see information security at the top of this list given the fact that when the IT leaders were asked what their biggest challenge or risk was in realizing IoT potential, 50 percent said information security and exposure of data. As in so many corners of IT networking, security is of paramount concern.

In the era of the truly digital workplace that we have entered, many of you have realized how important it is for members of IT departments to have the broad business skills necessary to work across an organization for successful digital transformation. No more siloes! The TEKsystems IoT survey echoes this reality, with 53 percent of those polled confirming that a partnership approach between their organization’s business and IT functions is necessary for IoT projects to succeed.

While the survey isn’t suggesting that IoT is the utmost priority for everyone right now, the drumbeat for adoption seems to be getting louder as we contemplate the times ahead. “Organizations that are able to successfully implement IoT projects to better understand their business and customers will be positioned to make more strategic and informed decisions,” says TEKsystems Research Manager Jason Hayman.

For more on the IoT survey results, check out this press release from TEKsystems. This article from ZDNet and an additional article from IoT Journal are also informative.

How much are you hearing about IoT in your organization right now? Let us know in the Comments section below.


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