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What would a final “Talking Tech with Cisco” installment for 2015 be without job predictions for 2016? There are so many forecasts at this time of year, and I found myself sifting through a bunch of such prophesies for you. One prognostication from CIO, a slide show presentation titled “10 Hot IT Job Skills for 2016,” most caught my eye. Our Five Favorites  Reminding ... Read more

In last week’s blog post, “Cloud: Where It’s Come From, Where It’s Headed,” I provided you with some compelling information from Verizon’s latest “State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud” report. We learned 1) that cloud use is continuing to spike upward, 2) that many adopters have now moved on to thinking more strategically about how to leverage ... Read more

Lots of Billowing Going On  If you were to put together a list of the top 10 technology trends over the last five years, cloud would certainly have to be one of them. Like other of today’s major IT developments, it’s evolving so fast that it can sometimes be difficult to gain the perspective you need to decide how to approach it. In its third such report, “State of the ... Read more

Working Out Loud: An Increasingly Popular Collaborative Business Approach  Are you familiar with the concept of “working out loud”? Social evangelist at Eli Lilly, Bryce Williams, coined the phrase several years ago, explaining it by means of this equation: Working Out Loud = Observable Work + Narrating Your Work. It was his way of rallying people around the value of ... Read more

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