Job Seekers in the Driver's Seat 

Good news for IT job seekers: it’s still a “seller’s market.” And by seller, I mean you: the person with the IT skills and experience whom employers (the “buyers”) are looking for.

The latest Robert Half Technology Salary Guide—for 2016—makes it clear that employers continue to scramble for people to fill their top positions. And because company budgetary constraints sometimes make those highly skilled professionals hard to snare, employers are also continuing to upskill their existing employees, or are willing to bring in entry-level workers whom they can groom.

Robert-Half-Technology-2016-Salary-Guide.jpgHealthy Salary Increases
over the Last Year

The Robert Half Technology 2016 Salary Guide delves into encouraging salary data around 24 different roles in the IT networking arena for both the United States and Canada. The salary data is based on surveys of chief information officers (CIOs) and IT professionals, as well as the findings of Robert Half Technology staffing and recruiting experts as they work with thousands of these professionals each year to place them in positions.

The salary ranges listed below reflect starting pay and do not include other perks and incentives, such as bonuses or stock. The accompanying percentage indicates the degree of increase from the 2015 report just a year ago.

Here we go, starting with the Networking and Telecommunications category:

Job RoleUnited States% IncreaseCanada% Increase
Network Architect$120,000 - $175,0005.3%$105,750 - $161,0005.3%
Network Manager$100,000 - $146,7504.9%$92,000 - $122,0004.9%
Network Engineer$96,000 - $138,7505.7%$93,500 - $123,0005.7%
Wireless Network Engineer$108,750 - $150,7509.7%$104,000 - $136,0008.2%
Network Administrator$76,250 - $112,0006.4%$75,000 - $99,0005.6%
Pre-Sales Engineer/Technical Engineer$90,750 - $132,7505.4%$97,500 - $123,0005.1%
Telecommunications Manager$88,500 - $125,0004.4%$97,500 - $126,5004.4%
Telecommunications Specialist$61,000 - $95,5004.2%$68,750 - $96,2504.1%


And here are some nice numbers for the Security field:

Job RoleUnited States% IncreaseCanada% Increase
Data Security Analyst$113,500 - $160,0007.1%$105,250 - $157,2506.7%
Systems Security Administrator$105,500 - $149,5006.1%$92,000 - $127,2505.9%
Network Security Administrator$103,250 - $147,0005.3%$98,500 - $138,5005.6%
Network Security Engineer$110,250 - $152,7506.7%$106,000 - $142,2506.3%
Information Systems Security Manager$129,750 - $182,0006.2%$115,250 - $152,5004.7%


Finally, here is data for quite a few roles within the area of Technical Services, Help Desk, and Technical Support:

Job RoleUnited States% IncreaseCanada% Increase
Manager$84,500 - $121,0005.2%$90,250 - $122,7505.3%
Desktop Support Analyst$54,250 - $80,5004.5%$59,250 - $82,5004.2%
Systems Administrator$67,500 - $107,5005.3%$72,000 - $99,2505.2%
Systems Engineer$85,000 - $124,0005.7%$85,000 - $110,5005.7%
Messaging Administrator$74,000 - $111,7504.6%$73,000 - $95,0004.7%
Help Desk Tier 3$59,500 - $77,7506.2%$69,750 - $93,2505.2%
Help Desk Tier 2$45,250 - $61,7505.2%$55,000 - $69,0004.0%
Help Desk Tier 1$35,000 - $50,2504.9%$43,250 - $55,0004.0%
Instructor/Trainer$56,250 - $90,0003.4%$59,750 - $80,7503.3%
PC Technician$36,000 - $51,7505.1%$50,000 - $70,7504.3%
Business Continuity Analyst$97,250 - $140,0005.6%$82,000 - $118,2504.4%


More than half of the positions in these charts have experienced a salary increase of more than 5 percent in the last year. And, more than half of them have salary ranges that can move you into six-figure territory. So, it’s sweet confirmation that it’s a good time to be in IT.

Making it even sweeter is the assertion in the Robert Half Technology report that having Cisco network administration skills can add another 9 percent to your salary in the United States and 7 percent in Canada. You can learn more about gaining those skills here on the Cisco Learning Network.

The Robert Half report provides detailed descriptions of all two dozen of the above job roles, including information about typical duties and background, skills, and credentials required. Have a look at the report, and while you’re at it, click the box below to check out Cisco’s own survey of IT hiring managers in the United States for further fuel to your IT fire.



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Gary Pfitzer is a content manager at Learning@Cisco, focused on bringing various aspects of today's IT journey to light through business papers, blogging, customer success stories, and other writing.