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Verizon Gives Us the Lowdown on Data Breaches  It’s time to wrap up Cybersecurity Month with a look at Verizon’s latest Data Breach Investigations Report, an extensive, thoroughly researched annual analysis of common cyberthreat patterns and data breaches of all types. On the download page for the full 70-page report, you’ll also find a three-minute video wrap-up, a short ... Read more

You Are So Hack-able Last week, in our ongoing celebration of Cybersecurity Month, we took a look at the Cisco Security Manifesto within Cisco’s 2015 Annual Security Report. We strongly encourage everyone, not just security professionals, to read the complete Annual Security Report, as an overriding message this year is the degree to which security has become the concern of all individuals ... Read more

Familiar with the Cisco Annual Security Report?   Cybersecurity Month makes it a great time to look at Cisco’s Annual Security Report, a substantial yearly tome that brings us the research, insights, and perspectives of Cisco’s security experts as we all engage in the relentless struggle to protect ourselves from attackers. For this blog post, I’d like to drill down to ... Read more

Severe Workforce Shortage Driving Cybersecurity Salaries Sky High It’s Cybersecurity Month, and we’ve got some stunning figures for you. They come from CSOonline.com, an International Data Group (IDG) company that provides news, analysis and research on a broad range of security and risk management topics. In a well-researched article published by CSOonline.com this summer, the ... Read more

Cloud Certification Further Brightens the Salary Picture  Last week we sported some cloud salary figures that offer promise that cloud could be a successful journey for IT professionals wanting career momentum. Here’s another piece of recent salary data that we like, coming from the IT analyst firm and independent benchmark research organization Foote Partners. In its May 2015 news ... Read more

Cloud Ranks High in 2015 Salary Report  A couple posts ago, I broached the subject of a cloud skills gap. It’s not surprising that, accompanying such a skills gap, would come some relatively competitive salaries. The Global Knowledge and Windows IT Pro "2015 IT Skills & Salary Report" that I’ve been referencing off and on during the past week or so is promising on this ... Read more

Improving the Doctor-Patient Relationship with Cloud  The KPMG Cloud Survey Report that we’ve been referring to in a couple previous posts drew its results from global business executives from across a dozen major industries. Given that reach, it’s not surprising that the report is sprinkled with some inspiring success stories about cloud at work in highly varied places.   ... Read more

Cloud Skills in Demand  In so many IT arenas nowadays, it seems as if we’re always hearing about how there’s a skills gap occurring: too few professionals with the expertise to meet demand. The cloud arena is growing so fast that it’s not surprising that IT hiring managers would be staring at a shortage of skilled cloud workers. The Global Knowledge and Windows IT Pro ... Read more

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