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Both of those security career paths have different focuses, and Cisco offers courses that will start you off on either one. In a casual yet super-informative webinar session about building a career in this fulfilling field, host Tom Gilheany, Cisco Portfolio Manager of Security Training and Certifications, brought together four cybersecurity pros from diverse backgrounds. The panelists shared ... Read more

Increasingly, the story of technology is a story about security. Whatever promising conceptual leap or paradigm shift captures the headlines, the news soon focuses on security. Nothing is immune to attack. Dante or Milton would understand the binary nature of today’s security struggle, if not its context: light versus dark; safety versus danger; mine versus yours. Nobody is looking to ... Read more

In autumn 2017, Cisco learning partner Global Knowledge emailed its annual IT Skills and Salary Report to professionals worldwide. More than 16,200 completed the survey upon which this report is based. Ninety-eight percent of responders identify themselves as IT professionals, either IT staff or decision-makers.   In this comprehensive study, many realities emerge about the individual ... Read more

What’s the formula for entering the top echelon of the technology workforce? Is there a key to the abilities and actions that drive promotions and hiring? How does one become included among the best and brightest? Throughout the last six months, I have conducted research aimed at answering just those questions. From focus groups to executive interviews, I’ve collected information from ... Read more

For untold thousands of years, we humans have used music, stories, and dance to unite and entertain ourselves. In prehistoric times, people gathered around a campfire to watch others re-enact hunts and battles, fantasies, and love stories. Our delight in coming together for entertainment runs very, very deep. So a live concert is a tribal experience and a connection—with each other, with ... Read more

Organizations are betting their futures on digital transformation. IDC’s examination of organizational staff needs and industry talent demands indicates that both IT and business leaders boost their odds of winning by attracting and developing fully trained and formally certified IT talent. In developing this view on the future technology workforce, IDC conducted an extensive survey of ... Read more

If you’re considering training and certification to boost your job skills and compensation, the 2017 IT Skills and Salary Report from learning provider Global Knowledge offers keen insights from people who have traveled that route. A glance at the excerpts below should reinforce the value of boosting your job skills—and not just in terms of money. By nearly every measure, those who ... Read more

Perhaps you already know Pearson VUE as the company that delivers the Cisco certification exams. In fact, many of you have sat for one of those exams! Toward the end of 2017, Pearson VUE asked 29,000 test takers just like yourself to weigh in on the merits of certification as part of the Pearson VUE 2017 Value of IT Certification Survey.   The survey audience comprised professionals from ... Read more

You know what DevOps is ... the bringing together of the software development and software operations functions within an organization to speed time to market, improve deployment frequency, lower the failure rate of new releases, and shorten the time between fixes. DevOps relies heavily on automation and monitoring to improve the entire delivery pipeline—focusing on organizational change to ... Read more

This year’s Annual Cybersecurity Report from Cisco is a compelling call to stay vigilant in the face of cyberwarfare. While you could get haunted reading about the increasing sophistication of attackers and become fatalistic or passive in the face of it, the 2018 report makes it clear right from the start that defenders are not in a helpless or hopeless situation. In its opening lines, the ... Read more

A month into 2018, and the many predictions that tend to come in at the beginning of the year from industry analysts, experts, and pundits have now started to subside. I’ve been collecting some of the more meaningful predictions for our community in a number of our major arenas. Here is what some of our reliable sources have to say about cloud, cybersecurity, data center, Internet of ... Read more

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Cisco announced a partnership with Hyundai. The automaker will create a new generation of what they have labeled “hyper-connected, software-defined” cars in 2019. Inside will be a Cisco-designed network platform that will transform the way vehicles operate. Imagine a software-defined network (SDN) inside your next car ... Read more

By Tom Gilheany and Donna Maurillo In our first installment of this blog post, we introduced the concept of finding hidden cybersecurity talent inside your organization. This “hidden talent” may include workers who have military, law enforcement, scientific, or teaching experience. It could be among those with liberal arts degrees such as English, literature, or communications. They ... Read more

By Tom Gilheany and Donna Maurillo Your best cybersecurity candidate for tomorrow may be sitting at the admin’s desk today. Or maybe in the marketing department. It may be the person who majored in psychology or who loves mystery novels or puzzles. If that sounds far-fetched, consider this. Technical knowledge and skills can be trained into a candidate. But it’s more difficult to ... Read more

Every year, we look to and conduct several studies to better understand how managers and individual contributors perceive Cisco security certifications. This year, we confirmed key insights that have been building for some time. And I’m excited to report that, in fact, both managers and individual contributors see tangible benefits to becoming certified in security. I know, it’s a lot ... Read more

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