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You know what DevOps is ... the bringing together of the software development and software operations functions within an organization to speed time to market, improve deployment frequency, lower the failure rate of new releases, and shorten the time between fixes. DevOps relies heavily on automation and monitoring to improve the entire delivery pipeline—focusing on organizational change to ... Read more

This year’s Annual Cybersecurity Report from Cisco is a compelling call to stay vigilant in the face of cyberwarfare. While you could get haunted reading about the increasing sophistication of attackers and become fatalistic or passive in the face of it, the 2018 report makes it clear right from the start that defenders are not in a helpless or hopeless situation. In its opening lines, the ... Read more

A month into 2018, and the many predictions that tend to come in at the beginning of the year from industry analysts, experts, and pundits have now started to subside. I’ve been collecting some of the more meaningful predictions for our community in a number of our major arenas. Here is what some of our reliable sources have to say about cloud, cybersecurity, data center, Internet of ... Read more

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Cisco announced a partnership with Hyundai. The automaker will create a new generation of what they have labeled “hyper-connected, software-defined” cars in 2019. Inside will be a Cisco-designed network platform that will transform the way vehicles operate. Imagine a software-defined network (SDN) inside your next car ... Read more

By Tom Gilheany and Donna Maurillo In our first installment of this blog post, we introduced the concept of finding hidden cybersecurity talent inside your organization. This “hidden talent” may include workers who have military, law enforcement, scientific, or teaching experience. It could be among those with liberal arts degrees such as English, literature, or communications. They ... Read more

By Tom Gilheany and Donna Maurillo Your best cybersecurity candidate for tomorrow may be sitting at the admin’s desk today. Or maybe in the marketing department. It may be the person who majored in psychology or who loves mystery novels or puzzles. If that sounds far-fetched, consider this. Technical knowledge and skills can be trained into a candidate. But it’s more difficult to ... Read more

Every year, we look to and conduct several studies to better understand how managers and individual contributors perceive Cisco security certifications. This year, we confirmed key insights that have been building for some time. And I’m excited to report that, in fact, both managers and individual contributors see tangible benefits to becoming certified in security. I know, it’s a lot ... Read more

Remember that story about constructing the Tower of Babel? Things started out great. And then suddenly everyone was speaking a different language. With no way to communicate, they had to abandon the project. Developing cybersecurity plans for your organization is a lot like that. On the business side, managers are thinking about profitability, customer retention, productivity, and the like. But ... Read more

Wishing you a "Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month" (here in the United States) doesn't seem quite right, given the extremely serious business involved, but maybe wishing you a well-informed Cyber Security Awareness Month is more apropos. However, it's pretty obvious to most of us by now that cybersecurity awareness isn't limited to October—it's a round-the-calendar commitment ... Read more

Today we have some Internet of Things show and tell for you. Cisco has put together an inspiring little 360-degree tour of various connected environments that show the power and drama of IoT at work. When you enter each virtual realm, you'll be able to drag your cursor to pan around and click on different "hot spots" that help tell the story of how IoT is rescuing rhinos, captivating customers, ... Read more

Submission By: Sudarshan Krishnamurthi   IoT promises to boost corporate profits worldwide by 21 percent by 2022, according to Cisco analysts. That's because IoT can help businesses lower costs by realizing new efficiencies and drive new revenues by enabling new business models. Digital transformation in general, and IoT in particular, can help organizations become more productive and more ... Read more

We at Cisco are committed to your career growth and satisfaction through technical training and certification. It’s what we do, after all, and so that charter pushes us to continually ask ourselves, “Do certifications make a difference? What is their value out in the industry?” One way we get our answer is to periodically survey technology managers for their opinions and ... Read more

The digital revolution is bringing about a stunning transformation of the modern data center and its workers. Like Peter Parker turned Spider-Man, the data center workforce needs to pick up new skills to step into its new superhero role. What’s driving this data center transformation? Billions of smart devices, “connected things,” and apps for everything are generating an ... Read more

The Customer Success Association (CSA) tells us that customer success management (CSM) has been around as a specific function in an organization since the mid-1990s. However, it’s an understatement to say that a lot has changed since then. Let’s take a look at where CSM has been, where it’s going, and what skills are needed to get there. About 20 years ago, the customer ... Read more

Last month's Cisco Live conference in Las Vegas offered close to 100 sessions touching upon either SDN/software-defined networking, network programmability, network automation, or the Cisco APIC-EM controller that is part of Cisco's SDN model. In addition, there were more than 150 sessions provided by Cisco DevNet, Cisco's community of developers and source of tools, resources, and code for ... Read more

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