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Hi,   It's time for some quick updates:   As I type this, we're wrapping up the the final reviews on more mobile learning modules for the iPhone.  I don't know the exact date they'll be pushed into production, so keep an eye on the Cisco M-Learning aisle in the Cisco Learning Network Store to see them as they become available.   If you have an iPhone or iPod touch and ... Read more

  The Cisco Learning Network community spoke, and we listened.    Community members asked to take their learning mobile, and on April 6th, we announced the release of the Cisco M-Learning viewer for Apple iPhone and iPod touch.  The viewer enables users to download our mobile learning modules to their iPhone and iPod touch (with a number of Blackberry devices coming soon) and ... Read more

My last two blogs were about learning and information overload.  This one is strictly about "preparing to take your exam."  I know there are already a few blogs on this topic, but we all have a different approach on how to prepare, so here's mine:   1. Set your target date appropriately.   It's important to make sure you don't set your target exam date too soon.  Doing ... Read more

Recently, my son was writing a school paper about the Humboldt squids that live off the coast of Baja California. He had some questions, so we went to an online encyclopedia and started reading. Halfway through the page was a link to "differences between a squid and an octopus" that seemed interesting so we clicked. A few paragraphs down on that page there was something about "most poisonous ... Read more

Every teacher I know had a special teacher who made an impact on them -- someone they will never forget -- and I'm no different. For me, it was my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Hodge. I can't put my finger on exactly why or when, but it was sometime during 5th grade when I knew I was going to be a teacher.   To be honest, I had a rough start in college (a few, actually), but I finally got on track ... Read more

Rami Kandah   Technical leader at Learning@Cisco CCIE #3365 (Routing & Switching and Voice)   As the current Cisco Learning Network (CLN) Chief Technical Officer, I'm excited to share with you my plan and vision for the site.   When I first heard about CLN, I was reminded of when I first joined Cisco (12 years ago) and was told-in a nice way of course -that I needed to get ... Read more

It's telling to watch how young children, as they mature, confront physical or intellectual challenges, applying as much perseverance as their abilities permit, while keeping the effort entirely within the context of having fun. As a parent this process can manifest itself at the playground where my daughter Annika, after spending a few weeks trying to master the monkey bars, will finish, ... Read more

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