Just returning from a very busy week at the IETF-78 in Maastricht, Netherlands:




One of the greatest IETF milestones celebrated at IETF-78 Maastricht, was DNSSEC signing of the root zone see also:




I had participated at a Bar Birds of a Feather session [Bar BoF] on cloud computing.  With over 110 individuals interested in the discussion it would be difficult at best to classify the meeting as a Bar BoF.  


The discussions focused on problem framing; potential applicability of IETF-based protocols, and development of IETF-based protocols therein.


I would expect more discussion on the related IETF mailer at :

clouds.ietf.org, as we prepare for IETF-79 to be held in Beijing:




By the way, the ITU-T Focus Group Cloud Computing meeting will be held September 2-6:




Switching gears a bit, to the Internet of Things [IoT], my colleague JP Vasseur along with Adam Dunkels have just published a book on the topic entitled,


Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP

The Next Internet




IoT traverses several key adjacencies such as Smart and Connected Community Smart Grid; Smart Automobile and so on.


Research continues to develop in wearable computing and in skinput technology  e.g.





Stay tuned!