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  One the biggest problems with wireless Ethernet networking today is troubleshooting it. The tools are expensive for most network admins for troubleshooting needs. Wireless is tricky, it’s like buying a Yugo, cheap up front cost, long term maintenance drain on the ole’ checking account. Truthfully, most wireless problems can be very easily discovered up front with a solid site ... Read more

Choosing the right fishing bait is always a challenge for me. Two baits may look the same, but they are as different as Popeye's chicken Vs. Mother in law's chicken. This is how it is with SSHv1 vs SSHv2. Choosing the wrong one is like sitting in all day long meeting on tax code law without doughnuts or an Internet connection.   First off, let consider what SSH really does. Using SSH ... Read more

Many times in the field today, I meet people who could really stomp the taters out of anyone with their command of network securityknowledge, but ask them to show you what they are talking about on the console, and they will change the subject quicker than I change our phone number when my mother-in-law finds it out. We call these people "paper tigers," and that is certainly something you do not ... Read more

Jimmy Ray Purser

Target: Router

Posted by Jimmy Ray Purser Sep 9, 2008

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Have you ever run the debug all command from the console port? Do not try this on a network device in a live network! Debug all causes the router to report on everything it does and sees, and running this from the console port will cause the router to attempt to shove all of that data into that skinny little console port, at 9,600 bits per second. Something's gotta give, and it will probably be ... Read more

  Just like anything, it is good to have a goal in what you do. Starting out as a CCNA to progress up to a CCIE, Fishin' with a cane pole to work up to an awesome bait casting rod & reel, stealing your uncles Pabst to work up to Newcastle. Hey, it's all about goals right? If you have not been called out of a emergency network call yet or created one yourself (I have a TON of stories in ... Read more