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Bradley Graham

CCNA Retake Imminent

Posted by Bradley Graham Sep 25, 2012

I only have a few days to go and I have been reviewing the chapter notes that I have taken across both books. While I was cleaning out some books in my office, I came across my old CCIE R/S written notebook with all of my routing and switching notes. I haven't seen this book in 6 years+. It has come at the perfect time too as I have about 50 pages of written notes. Some of it is out of scope for ... Read more

Here I've been sitting and studying when I've been able to for retaking the CCNA exam. I haven't posted in quite some time and that is my fault. It was an oversight and it's more of the same right now for me really. I'm simply trying to review when I can and get ready to retake it. Although I had reported the incorrect time frame for my exam when I posted last. I have a few weeks still before I ... Read more