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Hello everyone and thank you for the support and feedback from last week. The going is still a bit rough and my challenges are there for study time. I managed to do a little more studying over the weekend than in previous weeks and I’m getting caught up on where I wanted to be by this time. I’ve been reviewing network switching since last week and I had a few thoughts I wanted to ... Read more

Bradley Graham

Difficult Scheduling

Posted by Bradley Graham Feb 9, 2012

I’m a little behind in my study at the moment. My schedule at work has picked up a bit, but the bigger scheduling challenge has been the preparations for our first born. With our daughter only a few weeks away, we’ve been feverishly trying to get things done before her arrival. To that end, my study has been at a relative standstill for the last week. I did begin to review the ... Read more

Continuing on with my study for the CCNA exam, I find myself reviewing some materials on network security and transport protocols. This is good material for me to review because header formats are purged from my brain as years go on. As I learn more about other topics, my brain leaks previously learned material. It’s always handy for me to understand, for example, the TCP Handshake. Those ... Read more