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First of all, I think I need to stamp these next two posts with a disclaimer that I’m a bit rusty on WAN. It’s been a few years since I worked for the phone company, so be gentle…


I’m off to a bit of a slower start than I would have liked. Between work and some of the stuff at home, the 6 days of study per week hasn’t yet come to fruition. I have gotten through the first several chapters in the Official Cert Guide for ICND1, but I had expected to be further along by now. What I really like about this study guide is that I am able to take the self-assessments and decide if I would like to read the chapter closely or skim through, touching on the important information. In an effort to catch up, I’ve been skimming the last few chapters and highlighting the information I want to write down later as I go. I’m through Chapter 5 now on IPv4 and routing, so I guess the progress isn’t horrible.


I did find Chapter 3 on the Fundamentals of LAN to be helpful because I was able to identify some areas to come back to later on. I’ve never been one to memorize all of the portions of protocol and data headers unless an exam I’m studying for requires it. I can easily enough look those up if I need them. For this reason, I have earmarked the chapter as a study source for the frame breakdowns that I will undoubtedly need for the exam.




In Chapter 4, I found something that I would like to discuss about the WAN basics. I acknowledge that this is intended to be an introductory certification, but I wanted to discuss a little bit more about some of the technology. In reference to the DS1 signaling, there was a general discussion about channel bandwidth, but the assumption that 64 kbps was the original available channel rate is slightly misleading. It was 64 kbps based on mathematics, but not necessarily based on practice. In order to better understand my remark, we’ll take a closer look at DS1 technology next week.


Stay tuned…

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