"And now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls direct your attention to the center ring! Introducing the Greatest Network Training Game on Earth! It's colossal! It's stupendous! I give you The Cisco Mind Share Game!" wild applause from the cheering crowd...


Okay, so maybe that's a bit over the top. But then again, maybe not! Let's listen in to the rest of the spiel...


"Now folks, this technological marvel covers not 1, not 5, not even 10, but dozens of networking topics! That's right, DOZENS! As a matter of fact HALF of the topics needed for the CCENT certification are found in this amazing game! Two years in the making, the Mind Share game is sure to revolutionize the certification world!"


Hmm... still think this is over-hyped? Take a look at the facts and you decide.


Team Mind Share

After creating successful small games such as the Binary, Subnetting and Wireless Explorer, we got to thinking "What if we made a game that could tackle a WHOLE curriculum?" So, I assembled a team to attempt this rather lofty goal. I invited some of Cisco's best technical experts and instructors: Dave Broenen, Charles Newby, Mike Reid and James Cagney. Next, I recruited Noah Falstein, a professional game designer for such titles as Sinistar, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and more, produced by LucasArts, Dreamworks, Disney, and Sega. To complete the ensemble we enlisted Totally Games president Larry Holland, also a veteran of the game industry. Larry's accomplishments include developing the entire 5-game Star Wars X-Wing Series and the 3-game WWII Series for LucasArts; Star Trek for Activision and Alien Syndrome for the Wii and Playstation. The A-Team was complete!


24 Months Later...

The biggest challenge we faced was building a game that covered so many disparate topics. Thanks to the genius of our game experts who guided our hard-working team, we invented a game that not only makes learning fun, but addresses over 35 learning objectives, critical to becoming a networking professional. We really feel the Mind Share game is well, quite frankly, the greatest game in the world for teaching networking skills.


Listening to a late night Infomercial

"Tired of spending all day pounding the books? Wouldn't you rather play for hours as you annihilate sinister Digibugs with your trusty Zappers and ominous Smart Bombs? Enjoy the witty repartee of Bob and Susan, your embedded hosts, who guide you through a maze of challenges that both teach and entertain. For your free demo copy of the Mind Share game just dial this toll-free number: www.cisco.com/go/mindshare Operators are standing by!"