As a child I was told not to think much about “what if” scenarios and focus more on reality, but it wasn’t quite clear then.  History has taught us that many of the greatest minds past and present have challenged the “what if” questions to develop life changing innovation to advance our world (for better or worse).

The reason I was told not to think about “what if” was more about dwelling on the past and I believe it’s a fair statement, but much can be learned about our past.  There are ways to capitalize and strategize from past lessons. Equally or even more importantly are opportunities to challenge our futures by asking “what if” questions.


What if I could solve for X by doing Y?  The possibilities are endless.


When it comes to careers, I hear people often say “I can’t do this, I don’t know that, they need someone who is an expert in XYZ”, etc.  They rule themselves out before even trying.  Some of us have forgotten how to dream big, but more importantly how to chase our goals.  Many have found it easier being a victim or casualty of the working world.


Don’t let failures or missed opportunities get your down or force you to deviate from your dreams. Try, try, try…!  What if you were the most qualified candidate?  What if you are what their looking for?  What if you are ready?  What if you are just ******* yourself?  What if you could find the time to balance family and studying?

You are your worst critique and best advocate.  I’ve seen many people become successful in their careers because against all odds, they never gave up.  If something is truly important to me I know I will get there or die trying.  Limit the excuses we make for ourselves and just do it.


As we end the first quarter of 2016, I hope you’re well underway from achieving your year’s goals. Let me know how you’re doing and what you feel might be preventing you from achieving your dreams.  Can’t wait to hear from you!