As the year comes to an end, how did you do on your 2015 goals?  There is very little time left with the holidays upon us and I’d like to hear that you achieved your goals with time to spare.  Though I will be talking about some reflection as we kickoff 2016, I want to make sure you stuck to your 2015 plans.

We started off this year planning our SMART goals and breaking down objectives into milestones to track progress and reevaluate where necessary.  We’ve had regular check-ins through the year to pick up the pace when needed.  Hopefully, the regular intervals of checking progress helped realign your goals to make sure they could be met.


Generally, most people start off the year planning goals with good intent – changes they want to make in their lives or opportunities they want to execute upon.  Having some fluidity to your plans can sometimes be a good thing and establish safety nets.  Chances are you had to make adjustments as circumstances changed throughout the year.  That’s okay too as long as you can reprioritize what’s critical.


As I started off the year, my goals were to focus on relationships and development.  I found that this year was truly a blessing, not only did I develop strong ties with my team and stakeholders; I also engaged local communities and organizations to expand my professional and social networks. I took it upon myself to fund much of my travels to meet my stakeholders in region and I was fortunate to connect with my colleagues in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Philippines.


Much of my free time was spent on volunteering with local charities and the remaining with structuring events, developing logistics and recruiting for my 501(c)(3).  I am thrilled about how far things have come along and for the scholarship program to kick off next year.  I’ll be kicking off the year with more exciting news, so stay tuned.


So, how did you do?  What goals did you achieve?  What changes did you make since the beginning of the year?  What did you learn about yourself this year and how can gained knowledge over the year be useful in 2016? I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season and am very much looking forward to hearing from you.