If you’ve been following my blogs for some time, you know that I care a LOT about Corporate Social Responsibility and Giving Back.  For many, Thanksgiving kicks off the season for giving, but it’s my hope that those I touch make giving part of their DNA and don’t wait for reasons or seasons.


When I think about Thanksgiving, pilgrims and harvest come to mind which includes the planning and hard work associated.  Not so different is our certification and our careers – okay… maybe different.    What I’m trying to say is that we get out of it, what we put into it.  I’m often reminded of all the late night studying, early morning cramming and the days I’d take my study material with me while hanging out (multitasking) with friends.  It’s a bit nostalgic remembering all the experts I tapped for help and today I find you’re all lucky to have CLN – myriads of experts who are just one forum post away.


This season also reminds me that it’s important to recognize those who have supported your learning, your career, your life’s ambitions, etc.  Whether this may be your parents, your better half, your family, sponsor, friends, coach, mentor, you name it… take the time to acknowledge and thank them for how they’ve helped you grow/succeed.


Regardless of what this time of year means to you, it’s my one wish that you make Giving Back part of it. This can be teaching someone EIGRP, helping a neighbor with chores, feeding the hungry, sheltering the less fortunate, helping a stranger push his or her car to a gas station, volunteering for a non-profit, etc.  This year, I’m sponsoring a scholarship program to help underprivileged students get an education.  If you’d like to help, send me a private message.


Who has taken an interest in you and helped you along the way?  What, in terms of Giving Back, is important to you? How will you Give Back this year?  I’d really love to hear your giving stories and also who you’re thankful for.