With only two months left in the year, how are you coming along with your 2015 resolutions?  You’re almost at the finish line; I want to see you come in strong and let me know how you did.

Are your goals and priorities the same as you started the year with? Over time what’s important to us changes.  We reflect inwards and outwards – wanting career, work/live balance, stability, adventure, money, meaningful work, etc. 


There was a time in my life (and not all that distant) that money/compensation was one of, if not THE biggest motivating factors …and let’s be honest; it’s one thing that is very easy for us to measure.   In the end, it’s not everything and a meaningful career isn’t what you get out of it, but what you put into it.


In my endeavors, financial gain has taken a back seat compared to social and corporate impact. I don’t want to become rich and I don’t work for the money.  All that I do today, including my work and my interpersonal interactions are to bring richness to the lives of others.  Whether that may be in the form of charitable donations/monetary support, career advice/mentoring/coaching, business value/results, ROI, friendship, love, time… you name it.


We all have our priorities and mine is to be relevant.  Relevant in the work that I do and how I impact customer success.  Relevant in my relationships, both business and personal. Relevant to my community and to disadvantaged communities globally.


We often judge others for the lifestyles they chose, how they live, what they wear, the decisions they make, etc., but shouldn’t we really focus on how we live our own lives?


Since I moved to Asia, I always get the same question…  Why?  When everyone wants to move to the US, why would you chose to leave it?  I made the conscious decision to improve myself, to improve my business capabilities, to become a better leader, to lead a different market, to gain international experience, to be closer to the communities my 501(c)(3) is aiding – to live and breathe Kaizen.


I’ve seen more, known more, grown more by this life changing decision to drop everything and focus on building a better me.  Despite the challenges, I don’t regret it for a second.


But let’s get down to what matters… YOU!  What are your motivating factors for certification?  Be honest and keep in mind there is no wrong answer. Common answers might be for new opportunities, career change, promotion, merit increase, etc.  These are all fair answers and often the results of certification. There will be those who will respond with… my boss is forcing me, I need to understand the infrastructure I’m supporting, it’s part of a work/school/organization requirement, etc. You might feel obligated or trapped, but focus on the reward aspect as your incentive.  Don’t think of it as a chore, but as an opportunity to improve yourself.


Trust me, I understand that achieving goals especially certification is a HUGE commitment and juggling workload, family and other priorities can make it feel impossible, but if it’s something you want you will find the time.  40 certifications into my career – I have gained some things, lost some things, been stressed, disappointed and triumphant.  Through it all, I have found myself and the realization that certification is a lifestyle.


What challenges are you facing with your certifications?  What plans have you made to overcome them?  What is your biggest motivator for achieving your certification or career goal?  What questions might you have when it comes to balancing certification/career/family?  I look forward to hearing from you and keep at your 2015 goals!