Late last month we talked about putting together a marketing plan to narrow and focus your career search. If you missed it, you can find it here.  Today, we’ll complete the discussion and put it all together.  So far we’ve covered:


  • Objectives
  • Roles
  • Positioning Statement
  • Competencies


While many of us prefer not to relocate and stay where we feel most comfortable, it’s good to think about how far you’re willing to go if your ideal opportunity pops up.  I recommend doing your research when considering other locations in terms of cost of living, compensation, ease of living, etc.  Remember, the more you plan; the better prepared you will be.



I find that many of us forget that many skills we possess can be transferred across industries.  While this may not always be true, it happens to be for many things especially in tech.  Don’t think about what you can do, think about what you want to do and where you want to be.  R&D, IT, Banking, etc. What do you feel is right for you?



You may not think size matter, but your role, responsibilities and growth can be affected by the size of your organization.  There are pros and cons on working for a small startup versus a large scale enterprise.  It’s often something you can’t compare unless you’ve been in the environment.



Rather than to talk about what you want to look for in work culture or discuss different types of cultures, I’m going to share what is important to me.  I want to be in a company whose vision revolves around constant development, improvement and most importantly customer/employee satisfaction.  This company should value, recognize and reward desired business results. At the same time, it should advocate innovation and support competitive behavior.


Target List

The last section is the companies you want to target. You may not list all the companies, but maybe the top ones.  From there you can look at partners, competitors and other third parties.


Once you’ve put it all together, you can focus and feel more comfortable that the companies you’re applying to align to where you want to take your career.  Have you put something like this together?  Do you have something similar that you use when searching for jobs? Is this helpful to you?  As a reminder, you’re 1/3 into the year - think about and share where you are in your 2015 plans.