Happy 2015!  The new year is the perfect time to start putting together your development goals.  Like last year, I want you to think about your 2014 new year’s resolutions and how you did against them.  Did you meet your goals?  What made you successful?  If you didn’t meet your goals, what were your shortcomings and how can you overcome them?  Are last year’s goals still relevant?


As you plan for 2015 or revise your plans, I’d like you to continue to use SMART goals which I talked about in last year’s new year blog.  I believe you’ll continue to find it not only useful, but also motivating as you progress though different milestones.  Really focus on how to make them achievable.  You’ll have some unknowns and that’s perfectly fine.  Some thing’s you may not accomplish in the time you were hoping for… this may or may not be disappointing depending on how realistic you set up your goals.


Last year I sought out to be more focused in my networking and I stuck to it.  I was able to successfully grow my network and my philanthropic goals.  I was able to establish a non-profit organization and get 501(c)(3) approval.  My commitment to find an opportunity overseas to gain international experience also paid off.  It took a lot longer than I had anticipated, but I didn’t give up on it.


I want you to remember that not everything you set out to achieve will you achieve, but if you never try you’ll never know.


Let’s make 2015 a certification year for those who are preparing for an exam and for those working on career, let’s focus on creating change.  We have 12 months ahead of us.  Where do you want to be at the end of those 12 months?  How far along your plans should you be in 9 months, 6 months, 3 months…?


I plan to do a lot more preparation to work on my goals, but tentatively my goals for 2015 are to focus on relationships and development.  With relationships I intend to expand my Asia network, develop closer bonds with my team, improve communications with my stakeholders, etc.  As far as development goes, I will focus on growing my non-profit’s exposure, fundraising to create new programs, developing great engineers and observing more to be a better leader in Asia.  I’ll be spending the next few weeks to put together timelines, expectations and finalizing them.


As you look at your own goals, start at the high-level and dissect them.  When will you take your exam?  How many chapters do you have to read and by when?  What should your score by on your practice questions be and by what date?  If you’re looking at a career change… how many jobs should you have applied to in a week?  How many networking events should you attend in a month?  How often should you reach out to a recruiter?  If you’re looking to increase sales… how often should you have a face-to-face with your customers?  How often do you train your partners?  How often do you meet with your salesforce to motivate them?  How often do you look at your numbers and message the teams?... Ask yourself lots of questions.


2015 is here and you’re in control of a big portion of your future.  How will you spend the first few days and month setting up the rest of the year?  I’d love hear your 2014 success stories, lessons learned and plans for 2015.  As always, I welcome your comments.  Happy new year!