Are you ready or are you just saying you’re ready? There are many things in life that we will never be ready for and certainly there will always be things that will catch us by surprise, but knowing these things shouldn’t stop us from planning ahead and being as prepared as possible.  When it comes to studying for an exam, completing a project or goal setting I have to give myself deadlines.  I do this for two reasons… one, without a deadline; I will spend a lot of time focused on improving what I’m creating (it’s not a bad thing, but sometimes you need to move on) and two, to force myself into completion mode.


As a manager, I would help my team work towards their career and certification goals or certification knowledge that would help the team as a whole.  I would often ask if they’re ready for their exams and would receive mixed responses.  We often tell ourselves we’re ready, but being ready is more than just preparing for the obvious, it’s preparing for the unknowns and bringing them into light.  It has a lot to do about learning about ourselves and from the mistakes we make.  Your life… your entire life, in all its aspects should be about making it better.   Your work, relationships, hobbies, etc. should all have this aspect of improving – We can always be better!


Sure, many times, we’ll make the same mistake twice or more, but focus on learning from them.


Why are you ready?  Are you ready because you feel it’s time to move on or are you ready because you’ve prepared yourself to move on?  There are some key things you should be able to ask yourself and have an answer that you believe in:


    1. What do I want to do?
    2. Why do I want to do this?
    3. What skills do I have to do this?
    4. What skills will I have to develop?
    5. What jobs can I do?
    6. Which of these jobs will lead me to what I want to do?
    7. What industry do I want to be in?
    8. What type of person do I want to work for?
    9. What skills can I fall back on?
    10. Am I willing to start over at a lower position to get to my end goal?


Ask yourself these questions or ones like it.  Explore yourself and your career desires.  I want you to think about these questions and we’ll pick up on this.  For now, I want you to think about a simple inquiry that you may find very difficult to answer.  Who are you?  This will likely be phrased as a request.  Tell me about yourself.


Think about that and feel free to share it in a comment.  Today we’ve talked about being ready and believing that you’re ready.  What I’ve started with are probing questions for you to start feeling ready.  I want you to be in a state where you don’t just think you’re ready because it’s time to move on, but because you truly feel prepared.  Next time we’ll look deeper into these questions and start narrowing down your search.


Share with me your story, why you think you’re ready.  What you wanna do and what’s on your mind.  Looking forward to hearing from you!