Last week, my blog was listed in INE’s top 20 IT career blogs.


I’m very thrilled to make the list and really wanted to take the time to thank some folks who really inspire me to give back to the community.  First and foremost, I want to recognize my family – my parents, grandparents and siblings who have always been supportive and taught me good values.  I’m also very thankful to my management and upper management team for investing in me and helping me continue to build my career so that I can use these experiences to give back to the community; my team, my peers, friends and colleagues whom I often use as examples to teach others or to come up with new topics;  the CLN team who found value in my background and encouraged me to put together this blog that would guide others through their careers and pursuit of certifications; my mentors who have given me great career advice during my transitions, challenges and onboarding including Link-up Consulting; and most importantly, you, my readers, who I take great interest in your futures and careers.  I’m honored that I can make a difference in your lives and your pursuit of advanced certifications, education and lifestyles.


As I continue to blog for Cisco, I always look forward to your interaction!