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If you’re new to Cisco certification the various tracks can be overwhelming…  routing & switching, service provider, IP telephony, security, design, wireless, storage, etc.  You have no idea how often I get these questions…     “Which certification path should I choose”? “Should I get my CCIE or do the CCNA first”?   ... Read more

I remember when I was studying computer engineering and computer science I had to take this course on “Computer Ethics and Society”.  It was very interesting to me because it wasn’t your typical digital logic course or programming course.  This was a course on real life examples of technology and the impact it has on the livelihood of people.  There was one ... Read more

Marcus Fan

Introducing Depth of Field

Posted by Marcus Fan Jan 20, 2010

Welcome to the “Depth of Field” blog!  When I was asked to blog for CLN over one year ago I was very excited, but I had recently transitioned into a new role in finance at that time and I wanted to get settled in.  Today, I am happy to share my insights on technical career opportunities where one might least expect, business skills, collaboration, technology and ... Read more

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