Welcome to the “Depth of Field” blog!  When I was asked to blog for CLN over one year ago I was very excited, but I had recently transitioned into a new role in finance at that time and I wanted to get settled in.  Today, I am happy to share my insights on technical career opportunities where one might least expect, business skills, collaboration, technology and certification.


It took me some time to come up with the blog title “Depth of Field” and my other concept names would only show how geeky I am.  I like this title, not only because I am super passionate about photography, but because it really describes the vast opportunities available in technology as a Cisco certified professional.


So before I get too far, let me give you a brief introduction of myself.  My name is Marcus Fan and I am a program manager at Cisco in the finance organization.  I joined Cisco IT in 2002 through one of its vendors as a network engineer supporting the San Jose datacenters.  I then took on the additional responsibility of supporting the campus buildings, labs and backbone networks.  Shortly after achieving Cisco wireless certification, I was promoted to technical leader managing Cisco’s wireless infrastructure.  In 2006, I moved into engineering as a software engineer focused on Cisco’s outdoor wireless mesh solution and last year I transitioned into finance where I manage technical projects focused on collaboration.


Prior to joining Cisco I’ve held various technical roles mostly in management.  I have worked for startups, mid-size companies and large enterprises.  Looking back upon my career one of my fondest memories was leading an entire technical division.  What made this so rewarding was seeing how much I grew the managers and staff underneath me.  Early in my career I worked on highly visible government and military contracts which was very exciting as a young engineer.


You can read more about me from my What's Your Story article.  Over time I will give more details to my experiences.  As readers, I hope that you’ll be involved with comments and asking questions.  I am very open to making this as interactive as possible.  Lastly, I want to share a very valuable link for job opportunities through the Cisco Partner Talent Network which you can follow on Twitter or get details from the Job Search page.