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As a child I was told not to think much about “what if” scenarios and focus more on reality, but it wasn’t quite clear then.  History has taught us that many of the greatest minds past and present have challenged the “what if” questions to develop life changing innovation to advance our world (for better or worse). The reason I was told not to think about ... Read more

This month I’ve had several approach me asking about career transitions and finding new jobs (or first-time jobs).  I find that whether you’re looking to change job roles, change fields, change company or start working; your basic approach should be the same – be prepared. Preparation When it comes to landing a job I believe that many of the steps you take preparing for ... Read more

Last year was a remarkable year for many of us.  Much of the messages and thank you notes I had received from followers, colleagues, friends and readers were success stories of how well they were able to following along to achieve their 2015 goals or drive personal change in their lives. I’m really happy and proud of those who stuck with me to meet their objectives. As we kick off ... Read more

As the year comes to an end, how did you do on your 2015 goals?  There is very little time left with the holidays upon us and I’d like to hear that you achieved your goals with time to spare.  Though I will be talking about some reflection as we kickoff 2016, I want to make sure you stuck to your 2015 plans. We started off this year planning our SMART goals and breaking down ... Read more

If you’ve been following my blogs for some time, you know that I care a LOT about Corporate Social Responsibility and Giving Back.  For many, Thanksgiving kicks off the season for giving, but it’s my hope that those I touch make giving part of their DNA and don’t wait for reasons or seasons.   When I think about Thanksgiving, pilgrims and harvest come to mind which ... Read more

With only two months left in the year, how are you coming along with your 2015 resolutions?  You’re almost at the finish line; I want to see you come in strong and let me know how you did. Are your goals and priorities the same as you started the year with? Over time what’s important to us changes.  We reflect inwards and outwards – wanting career, work/live ... Read more

Recently I’ve heard many people talking about certification and whether it’s worth the effort or not. What not everyone realizes is that certification can be a lot of work.  It’s not just about passing an exam or just about studying… and I’ve said this before, to really go down this path – it’s a lifestyle.   Certainly it might not be this way ... Read more

As I continue to work and travel throughout the Asia Pacific region I constantly gain incredible insight in the work culture and business practices.  Following-up with my last blog, I want to introduce David dela Cruz, a passionate and driven Cisco account manager based out of New Zealand, and share his story. Over the past five years, I've blogged about my experiences with Cisco from a US ... Read more

I know what I know and I don’t know what I don’t know. My mentor, Carlos Aued, would often use that phrase during our regular discussions.  I find that many believe they know what they really do not know.   When it comes to technology, specifically around computers, OSes, Networks, etc.; everything is vast.  You can become an expert in one area and know nothing about ... Read more

We’re at the top of our fifth month in 2015 and I hope you’re finding yourself on target to meet your 2015 career and certification goals. Today I wanna shift gears and talk about leadership – not in the traditional sense of being a leader, but in a career sense of having great leadership.    Over the past 5+ years blogging for Cisco, I’ve shared reasons why ... Read more

Late last month we talked about putting together a marketing plan to narrow and focus your career search. If you missed it, you can find it here.  Today, we’ll complete the discussion and put it all together.  So far we’ve covered:   Objectives Roles Positioning Statement Competencies Location While many of us prefer not to relocate and stay where we feel most ... Read more

I find that most of my days are a series of events that can be summed up into the following: Situation (State) Decision Action Reaction (New State)   The decisions and actions you take shape the state, situation, climate, environment or progress of your personal and work life.  How you chose to spend your free time, what you plan to eat, when you plan to study, who you chose to ... Read more

Marcus Fan

******* and Certify!

Posted by Marcus Fan Feb 27, 2015

We often make excuses for the things we do or do not do.  That’s not to say that some reasons are not good excuses, but we should be working towards mitigating or completely eliminating excuses that could easily be avoided.   We’re two months into the year – are you at least 16.5% complete towards your 2015 goals?  If not, what’s preventing you from success ... Read more

We are now one month into the new year.  Where are you with your goals?  My focus in January was to simplify existing processes, create efficiencies and implement new strategies that would increase productivity.  I’ve successfully managed to remove ambiguity and eliminate redundancy resulting in additional cycles of engineers and peers.  I’m pleased with the ... Read more

Happy 2015!  The new year is the perfect time to start putting together your development goals.  Like last year, I want you to think about your 2014 new year’s resolutions and how you did against them.  Did you meet your goals?  What made you successful?  If you didn’t meet your goals, what were your shortcomings and how can you overcome them?  Are last ... Read more

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