The word “update” hardly  describes the process that is associated with updating the DCUCD v3.0 and DCUCI  v3.0 courses to their respective v4.0 existence. There are considerable  differences between the updated courses and their previous incarnations—enough to  warrant an overview of those changes.


For Students:

1.      Prelearning

2.      New Cisco Unified Computing System products


As the body of knowledge  associated with the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) expanded from its  birth in late 2009 through to today, the 5-day instructor-led course format  quickly overflowed with need-to-know information. We chose to address this  with web-based prelearning. For the DCUCD v4.0 and DCUCI v4.0 courses, this involved the addition of the Virtualization 101 web-based course, which the student is  expected to complete before attending the instructor-led course. The learning  partner will provide access to these upon registration. For the updated DCUCI  course, an additional web-based prelearning program, called DCUCI-ELT, provides  much of the static product information that would otherwise consume precious  time in the instructor-led course. This shift of content into the prelearning  format will allow adequate time for the instructor value-add curriculum. The  first lesson in the DCUCI v4.0 course will be a review of the essentials  discussed in the web-based prelearning content.


The new materials include the  UCS-C series rack mount servers and cover the multiple new options available in  both UCS B and C series systems. The solution-level labs have been updated  to more effectively implement the Nexus 1000V with VSphere 4.1 on the UCS, as  well as the latest adapter cards enabling virtualized Fibre Channel over  Ethernet (FCoE).   Finally, a broader hypervisor  and application perspective has been taken by adding Hyper-V and Citrix to  VMWare ESX. Cisco Validated Design documents and applications have also been  added to the evaluation components of the DCUCD v4.0 curriculum.


For the Learning Partner:

1.          Special Practice  end-of-life (EOL)

2.          Lab environment


The first release of these  courses mandated that Cisco provide the delivery lab environment, which limited  the number of learning partners that could be supported. A “Special Practice”  was devised to implement this, and it has been scheduled to EOL on May 30 because  the learning partner community has stepped up to providing the delivery labs  since that time.


The UCS lab provider environment  has been evolving rapidly—expect more news to come regarding lab services from  Partners and Cisco alike in the future.


For more information pease review the Data Center Specialist Certifications page.


By: Vince Wilkins