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Last week I shared with you a Network World article citing 10 Reasons to be Optimistic about an IT career path. Well, new data points to more reasons for a positive outlook, this time specifically in Cloud Computing. As Ann Bednarz points out the category of "data processing, hosting and related services" hit a 15 year high in terms of new jobs creation. Overall 3,600 new jobs were created in ... Read more

What do a career changing math instructor with veteran IT war stories and a CCIE from Sweden have in common? From sharing best practices for exam preparation, to thoughtful and thorough feedback on technical topics, this quarters Community Spotlight recipients have been helping fellow members of the Cisco Learning Network on almost a daily basis. Please join me in thanking Daniel and Dean ... Read more

Wondering if you're on the right track in choosing to pursue an IT Career? Will good jobs be available in the near future? No one can make you any promises, but an article recently published on NetworkWorld.com has some very promising data. In the post titled 10 reasons for IT job-hunters to be optimistic, the author Ann Bednarz points to several key data points such as rising IT employment ... Read more

  Background:   In case you missed it, we launched the new Achievement Center on the Cisco Learning Network on July 16th. With this launch, we are hoping to clear some things up about earning points on the site and give you a glimpse at what is coming up on August 2nd.   Earning points on the Cisco Learning Network is nothing new, but a clear description of HOW you earn points ... Read more

So we have come to the end of another Cisco Live!  And what an event it has been.  This has to go down as the most exciting Cisco event that I have ever been involved in.  There were demos, interviews, photographs, customers, keynotes, presentations, parties, rock bands, videos, and more.  There was also community, learning, collaboration, invention, and teamwork too.  In ... Read more

Wednesday at Cisco Live showed that the train just keeps on rolling.  After the excitement of the CCIE party I thought that maybe things would slow down a little but I was wrong!  Things were hopping in the Certification lounge right from the word go.  The World of Solutions, which is where Brett and I are based, opens at 11am on most mornings.  But that doesn’t mean ... Read more

Day three concludes with all sorts of great things in the rearview mirror.   I was just looking over the photos that David has been taking. Wow! Pretty amazing photos. You should see how David is able to work the crowd, getting people to pose for pictures, taking casual picts from a distance or snagging closeups... it is truly impressive. So fun to be back at Cisco Live with David again ... Read more

Things are rocking and rolling along here at Cisco Live!  For Brett and me!  Just a short post to catch you up on a fun event from last night!  The CCIE part is a highlight event that takes place each Cisco Live! and is always something to celebrate.  Open only to CCIE’s this was held at Universal Studios.  It kicked off in the City Walk area with a private party ... Read more

Yesterday I arranged to get some time with the Tacops team for this morning. They are just a couple displays away from us this year so it has been really easy to coordinate.   I've been interested in this Cisco group since I was introduced to them last year at Cisco Live in San Diego. And I've stayed in touch with Tiago Silva, Project Manager and coordinator for the Disaster Incident ... Read more

Yes folks, Brett and I are really here! This place is just jumping as well as you can see. There are people everywhere and the excitement is amazing. There is so much to see and do, both in the Certification Lounge and at the Learning@Cisco booth just outside the lounge. At times is seems that there are people everywhere as you can see. People are coming and going, questions are being asked and ... Read more

So tomorrow I'll be at again with David Major... cruising around the World of Solutions at Cisco Live, trying to give our viewers at home a feel for what it is like here in Orlando.   With the exception of one, all of our videos were recorded out on the floor with all of the action. Being mobile is super fun. And I thought David Major did a really nice job intervewing people from Cisco and ... Read more

We’re here!  We’re Live!  We’re Cisco Live!  David and Brett are touched down in Orlando and are at the Orange County Convention Centre!  It’s Monday morning and things are looking good here in sunny Florida.  Brett and I arrived over the weekend and have spent the last few days getting ourselves situated and ready for the big opening of the World ... Read more

  For those of you who are attending Cisco Live in Orlando, you should consider stopping by and checking out the Cisco Tactical Operations Team's display. I learned about Tacops last year and was blown away by how cool it is. This team rolls a completely self sufficient vehicle into disaster areas to provide emergency communications for first responders. Last year one of their NERV vehicles ... Read more

Cisco Live! is now even closer than when I last wrote to you.  You’ll recall that when I last blogged I wrote about how my friend Brett and I would be teaming up for a few surprises at Cisco Live! and that we were busy planning things.  Well, I can safely say that we are well underway with things that are going to be happening.  It’s going to be great!  Brett will ... Read more

Visual Learners Unite  As someone who is a visual learner to the extremes, arguably to a fault, "seeing" a concept is paramount for me to get a clear understanding. And as someone who spends lots of time on the Cisco Learning Network, I read many threads around the new certification refresh and how it relates to various certification paths. CCENT is now a prerequisite for many different ... Read more

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