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We’re here!  We’re Live!  We’re Cisco Live!  David and Brett are touched down in Orlando and are at the Orange County Convention Centre!  It’s Monday morning and things are looking good here in sunny Florida.  Brett and I arrived over the weekend and have spent the last few days getting ourselves situated and ready for the big opening of the World ... Read more

  For those of you who are attending Cisco Live in Orlando, you should consider stopping by and checking out the Cisco Tactical Operations Team's display. I learned about Tacops last year and was blown away by how cool it is. This team rolls a completely self sufficient vehicle into disaster areas to provide emergency communications for first responders. Last year one of their NERV vehicles ... Read more

Cisco Live! is now even closer than when I last wrote to you.  You’ll recall that when I last blogged I wrote about how my friend Brett and I would be teaming up for a few surprises at Cisco Live! and that we were busy planning things.  Well, I can safely say that we are well underway with things that are going to be happening.  It’s going to be great!  Brett will ... Read more

Visual Learners Unite  As someone who is a visual learner to the extremes, arguably to a fault, "seeing" a concept is paramount for me to get a clear understanding. And as someone who spends lots of time on the Cisco Learning Network, I read many threads around the new certification refresh and how it relates to various certification paths. CCENT is now a prerequisite for many different ... Read more

Greetings folks…..it’s getting close to Cisco Live once more!  I haven’t been around these parts for a while but I thought I’d stop back to let you know I have some exciting news.  Guess what? After the success of last year, myself and my good buddy Brett Lovins are going to be heading off to Orlando for Cisco Live once more!   As you have heard us say on ... Read more

Have you needed technical help from the Cisco Learning Network in the last couple of months? How about just some nice words of encouragement, or some certification path choice wisdom? If so then chances are you've encountered at least one of our two Community Spotlight Award winners recently. Whether it's a technical video about setting up a home lab for your studies, or helpfully answering ... Read more

  Do you like free learning materials? I know, that's like asking if you like free money. Well lucky for you three great free resources for Cisco's Jabber platform were just shared with me from this years Cisco Live London. Registration is required to view, but once you complete the form there is even more free content to discover.                 ... Read more

The Run Up The past couple months have been pretty crazy. We were working toward the CCNA Route Switch v2.0 refresh, the release and now... we are onto the next steps.   The Decision Many of you are looking at a fork in the road. You are asking yourself, "Should I buckle-down and get my <fill in the blank: ICND2, ICND2 or CCNA> version 1.1 test done or should I change things up and go ... Read more

International Women's Day has been celebrated every year, on March 8th, since 1911. I thought about what I could do here on the Cisco Learning Network in recognition of this day. Then I remembered some videos that I shot with Marketing Manager Dave Major at Cisco Live 2012. There were several women CCIEs that visited our booth over the course of those 4 days. I thought this interview was ... Read more

Freque ... Read more

I've mentioned in previous blog posts that I spent a good portion of my young adult life voraciously learning about how to play the guitar decently. There was a period of time there where I was at it 9 hours per day, 6 days per week. That period of immersion learning was really great and it fit what I could do time-wise and life-wise. Nowdays, I play as a hobby on my free time but I'm not really ... Read more

  I'm excited to listen-in on the seminar that we are hosting tomorrow morning (8 am Pacific). Our very own VIP, Paul Stewart, is going to be presenting. Paul has quite a list of Cisco Certifications to his name: CCNA, CCDA, CCSI, CCSP and CCIE Security. And having worked in IT for over 13 years, he's bound to have some great insights to share.   The title of the seminar is: "7 Keys ... Read more

We've been piloting these Member Led Study Sessions in the CCENT and CCNA Route Switch areas for about a month. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to host these sessions, meet some of the presenters/attendees and learn some stuff along the way as well.   We've got more of them coming up and hope some of you can either attend or take a look at a recording or two.   Here's a link: ... Read more

From the whole Cisco Learning Network team...   Sincerely. Brett Lovins Community Manager   Read more

This month we are proud to spotlight two last over-due Members of the Cisco Learning Network for our quarterly Community Spotlight Award. Both members are regular contributors to the discussion forums and supporters of the community. So please join me in thanking and congratulating Joshua Johnson and Arteq for their continuous support of the Cisco Learning Network! Both of them were pretty ... Read more

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