Hello Everybody,


The Cisco Learning Network team is now seeking nominations for the next round of Community Spotlight Awards, in particular, for Members’ Choice.


One of the best things about this great online community is the supportive and caring of our members. Countless individuals visit the site daily to engage in conversation, asking questions, sharing ideas and striving to learn from their peers…And it’s incredible to see countless others ready to jump on an opportunity to share the knowledge and expertise they have acquired on the site over the years. The peer-to-peer support is amazing and adds tremendous value to our community.


This is your opportunity to come out and nominate a fellow member who has had a significant, positive impact on you personally and/or in our community. Perhaps, someone gave you the support and encouragement you needed to propel you over the finish line on a certification goal or maybe you took notice of someone lending a hand to help others overcome learning obstacles. If so, we'd like to hear about it.


Please tell us who this individual is and why he or she has affected you in a positive way. All community members are highly encouraged to participate by sending in a nomination for someone doing remarkable things on the Cisco Learning Network.


Nominations are due by November 3rd, 2019 and should be sent to the following email alias: cln_comm_mgmt@cisco.com


Thank you for considering your peers for this special award. We also encourage you to check out the list of our past Community Spotlight Award Recipients.