Community Spotlight Awards - Presenting Our WinnersHello Everyone. The time has arrived to announce the winners for this latest round of Community Spotlight Awards.


We believe that the strength and success of the Cisco Learning Network comes from our very own community members. It is great to witness the tremendous value and talent that these contributors bring to the site on a daily basis. Seeing this massive group of motivated, determined individuals who share a common goal to succeed in this extraordinary world of IT is an inspiration to all of us in the Community Management team.


It is truly an honor to host this network of amazing people in a supportive environment, where they can connect, collaborate, share experiences, and learn through peer mentorship.


One of the many joys of our job is being able to acknowledge and celebrate members for the positive impact they have on our growing community. Today, we are excited to highlight three outstanding members and award them with a Community Spotlight Award for their tireless efforts and willingness to help their peers.


Time to introduce our winners...


Members’ Choice: Jesus

Technical Excellence: Deepak Kumar

Rookie: Jaderson Pessoa


Congratulations to our new spotlighters. Well deserved.


Lastly, we wanted to extend a thank-you to all of you who sent in your nominations for our Members’ Choice winner. We appreciate your time and participation.


Please join us to congratulate our winners in your comments below. You can also learn more about them by watching the short video and reading the Question & Answer section below.







What education and training (including certification) led you to where you are now?


Jesus: I studied Business Administration and Law in University but dropped out to study Computer Systems. I then worked for many years in IT until I decided to study CCNA a few years ago.


Deepak Kumar: I thank Cisco for the CCNA Certification course and it's deep dive technical syllabus. I was in the IT industry for 3 years as Desktop Support and I started learning about CISCO and CCNA training. I started my career in IT Networking without a CCNA Certification but my boss forced me to get a CCNA certification and it was the starting point of my career in networking.


Jaderson Pessoa: Today I’ve studied with the CCIE R&S 5.0 Cert Guide and Cisco Videos


What's your job title now and what's really cool about your job?


Jesus: I am currently a Software Tester and get to test features and functionality of a suite of programs used by Judges and Courts of Law Staff across Australia.


Deepak Kumar: Currently, I am working as a "Customer Support Engineer - Network Specialist" and I like this position where I am designing enterprises network, implementation, and providing support to my L1 team and Customers.


Jaderson Pessoa: I`m Network Design Engineer at Unisys and practice what I`ve learned. It’s very cool.


Why did you decide to go into IT as a career and how long have you been working in IT?


Jesus: At the age of 12, I flew alone from Sydney, Australia to Madrid, Spain and I read a computer magazine on the plane, which had an article about the binary numeric system. Thanks to this article, I was able to learn how to count and do basic arithmetic in binary and converting from binary to decimal and vice-versa. That was the key point in my life that lead me to want to work with computers. I started working in IT in 1998.


Deepak Kumar: I am not an engineering background student. I was in college and my roommate was working in IT, from there I have shown my interest in IT and he guided me to enter in the IT field with a one-year Diploma Course. Now I have 9 years of experience in the IT field.


Jaderson Pessoa: I decided when I was 16 years old, so I was approved to be a trainee in the IT area.


What professional achievement(s) are you most proud of and what would you like to learn or do next in your career?


Jesus: I am quite proud of my ITIL, PRINCE2 and CCENT certifications as I had very little time to study and despite my financial constraints, I funded them entirely from my own pocket. I obtained high scores in all the exams, which was an added bonus!


Deepak Kumar: I am in IT for 9 years and every day I am starting my duty with the same passion and happiness as was my first day in the industry. I feel my professional achievements are when I am visiting my client's office and looking at his/her network fulfilling the business requirements and He/She is happy. I am in the Cisco VIP list of 2019 and recently passed my CCNP 300-115 exam.  I am studying for CCIE Routing & Switching.


Jaderson Pessoa: Well, certainly is my approbation in CCNP R&S, be a part of these selected group of professionals, it is a dream and pleasure for me. Now, I’m studying so hard to take my next certification that is CCIE R&S at the end of this year.


What have you found most useful on the Cisco Learning Network?


Jesus: The sheer amount of resources available for free to anyone wanting to study or expand their networking and Cisco knowledge and, above all the amazing and extremely helpful community of like-minded students and Cisco professionals who are always eager to help out day in and day out. I have learned so much from my peers on the Cisco Learning Network and have tried my best to give back to the community with my time and limited knowledge.


Deepak Kumar: There is a long list as a blog post, Webinars, white papers, and learning community but I am a big fan of community and white papers.


Jaderson Pessoa: I believe that is finding people with the same motivation, be better than and teaching and learning.


What advice would you give to someone considering a similar career / certification direction?


Jesus: I would suggest PERSEVERANCE. Study at least 20 to 30 minutes daily, no matter what. Even just reading questions on the Cisco Learning Network and seeing what others have answered is sometimes enough to keep your Cisco Networking knowledge alive and well in your mind. And, as my Cisco mentor Joe Spoto used to always say, LAB, LAB, LAB!


Deepak Kumar: I advise to get CCNA Certified and try for the first job. Here, he/she must start reading for higher certification as CCNP, CCIE, and professional books as on BGP or OSPF or Network Design, etc. There is no full stop to study in the IT field. Your lab and hands-on experience are also mandatory so spend your free time in the lab with good music.


Jaderson Pessoa: Technology is powerful, if you like to do different things, connect people, machines, come to us, certainly, you will be happy.


Bonus Question: What is your all-time favorite movie, book, or song?


Jesus: I love a lot of movies, books and songs, but if I had to choose a single one of each, right now that would be Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Lord of the Rings (including The Silmarillion and The Hobbit) and tied for favorite song David Bowie's Space Oddity and Elliot Smith's Between the Bars.


Deepak Kumar: I like "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" is a Bollywood movie and a poetry book "Madhushala" by Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachhan.


Jaderson Pessoa: Well, on my free time I love play a desktop game (DOTA), but I play just after around 4 hours of study.

Song: James Arthur - Impossible

Movie: Joao and Maria - Witch Hunters