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With the announcement of changes to the Cisco certification portfolio (June 10, 2019), we were able to arrange an interview with the Senior Manager for the Global Certifications team, Yusuf Bhaiji. These podcasts are casual chats where I get to ask him some questions, and he gets to speak directly to you, our Cisco certification candidates, about the changes. We are psyched he was able to do this, and we anticipate asking him back for other sessions in the future. Click the links below to start listening.


Cisco Certifications Changes, Part 1: High-Level Overview with Yusuf Bhaiji

In the first podcast, Yusuf talks about the changes from a very high level, including the addition of DevNet certifications yes, you read that right. DevNet is now part of the Cisco certification portfolio, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. I’d recommend that you start with this one first before moving on to the rest of the podcasts.


Cisco Certification Changes, Part 2: Associate-Level (CCNA) Overview with Yusuf Bhaiji

In the second podcast, we laser-focus on the associate-level certification changes. Yusuf talks about the "what," the "why," and the "when" of changes to the CCNA. This is highly recommended for associate-level certification holders and those pursuing these certifications.


Cisco Certification Changes, Part 3: Professional-Level (CCNP) Overview with Yusuf Bhaiji

No surprise, the third podcast moves to the professional-level certification program, which has some major changes with lots of really cool new opportunities for professional certification candidates. Are you still reading this?!? Click the links and start listening.


We’ll be releasing more podcasts soon covering expert-level topics and information about the Cisco Continuing Education program and re-certification changes, so be sure to subscribe so that you’ll know when they become available. Oh, and we’d love it if you’d leave us a review.


Lastly, while you’re listening to these program-specific podcasts with Yusuf Bhaiji, be sure to take a look at the other ones that are available. We’ve been steadily building a nice library of technology-focused podcasts for your listening and educational consumption.


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