Top 10 Members For 2018 On The Cisco Learning NetworkThe Cisco Learning Network team acknowledges the tremendous value that our members add to this site on a daily basis. Our community is comprised of amazing individuals from all around the globe, who come to this site to learn and help others along the way. We wanted like to express how much we appreciate all of you – our members, for the important role you play in the growth and success of our community. Our team is very thankful for the awesome community we serve.


We would also like to commend and honor the “Top 10” members who were the most active in our community during the course of last year.


(For context and clarity purposes, the following list of members was compiled based on points awarded for site participation by the points system used for the Cisco Learning Network platform during the 2018 time period. No implication of subjective ranking for "quality of posts" is meant to be implied.)


Now…without further delay, here are the top 10 members for 2018...


1. Ing_Percy

2. arteq

3. Steven Davidson

4. Juergen Ilse CCNA R&S 

5. Sergey

6. Kev

7. Gus

8. Sarah

9. Luke

10. Jeffrey


Although we are highlighting the “Top 10” members, we also wanted to give honorary recognition to the next 10 members down the list.


1. Peter McKenzie

2. Mark Holm - 3xCCIE #34763/CCDE #2016::20

3. Daniel Dib CCIE #37149 CCDE #20160011

4. Michael

5. Phoenix

6. Learner

7. jh

8. Martin

9. Micheline

10. Samer


Thank you ALL. We look forward to another great year of learning and knowledge sharing.