Cisco VIP Announcement for 2019We are thrilled to kick off the New Year with our annual VIP announcement.


One of the greatest joys of the Cisco Learning Network team is being able to witness the professional growth of our community members in a gradual manner. Starting as beginners, sharing with us their goals and dreams, to their triumphant “I’m certified” post… It is something amazing to see.


Not only do these individuals flourish in their professional lives, but they grow within the Cisco Learning Network community as well. We regularly see members become effective leaders and mentors with a strong desire to share their acquired knowledge and skills to help others succeed.


Today we are proud to award three members a VIP designation for their outstanding contributions and support over the years. These individuals are exceptional contributors who have made a positive impact through their dedication and efforts to help their peers in amazing ways.


Congratulations to our new VIPs for 2019:

Luke Robertson, Micheline Murphy, and Percy Luis Venturo Huares


We are also very excited to welcome back our returning VIPs. Congratulations to:

Aref, Brian, Daniel D, Daniel L, Dante, David, Juan, Kevin, Mark, Martin, Raymond, Sarah, Sergey and Steven.


The Cisco Learning Network team would like to thank our fantastic VIPs for being great role models and an inspiration to the rest of the community. Your remarkable leadership, continuous efforts, and guidance have helped us build an incredible online source of IT learning content. You are truly valued and appreciated.


Last but not least, we extend our thanks and gratitude to three members who, unfortunately, are not able to participate as a Cisco VIP this year due to other commitments: Chandan, Milan, and Salman.


We appreciate all of their efforts and support during their time in the VIP program. Our team wishes them the very best in their endeavors and we hope to continue seeing their participation on the site when their time permits.


Please share your comments below and join us in congratulating our VIPs.


To learn more about the program and our VIP members, visit: Cisco Learning Network VIP