The Cisco Learning Network Podcast

Learn Where You Are

To meet you where you are and provide you with educational opportunities in multiple ways, we can now officially invite you to an exciting new option: The Cisco Learning Network podcast! Subscribe to the Cisco Learning Network Podcast via Apple iTunes or Sound Cloud and take us with you on the go. There are several episodes available now and much more on the way.


The first six episodes currently cover the following topics:

      Episode One: The Hybrid Engineer Movement: Are You Part of It?

      Episode Two: Network Security Threatscape Introduction and Overview

      Episode Three: Get Started on Your Data Center Career

      Episode Four: Network Intuitive Innovation Overview

      Episode Five: Getting Started with Network Programmability

      Episode Six: Introduction to Types of Wireless Networks


Want do you think?

If you're already subscribed to the podcast, please let us know which of the current episodes you like most in the comments below. If you're a new subscriber, we would love to hear from you as well.


Happy learning to all of you - on a bus, plane, train, at the gym, in traffic, on a bicycle, etc. Thanks for subscribing and sharing!



Cisco Learning Network Team