VIP Announcement for 2018

The New Year has begun, and we’re up for our annual VIP announcement.


I am excited for this opportunity to introduce the newest addition to the Cisco VIP family AND welcome back our returning VIPs. This amazing group of individuals has played a very important role in the growth and success of our community.


Now, it is my honor to introduce our new VIP for 2018: Juan Garcia


Juan has climbed the ladder over the years, sharing his expertise, knowledge, and valuable content. His commitment and willingness to help others within the community has made him an ideal candidate for this special recognition. Welcome aboard.


We would also like to congratulate and welcome back our returning VIPs:

Aref, Brian, Chandan, Daniel, Daniel Dib, Dante, David, Kevin, Mark, Martin, Milan, Raymond, Salman, Sarah, Sergey and Steven.


We are so proud to have this lineup of outstanding individuals representing the Cisco VIP program and the Cisco Learning Network. A big THANK YOU to all of our VIPs for their continuous support, contributions, mentorship, and serving as an inspiration to other members of the community. We look forward to working with you again this year.


Lastly, we also wanted to extend our thanks to three individuals who exited the program due to other commitments which will unfortunately prevent them from participating as a Cisco VIP in 2018: Erick, Mike and Sean. The Cisco Learning Network greatly appreciates all of their efforts and contributions during their time as a VIP. We appreciate having had the opportunity to work with them and wish them the very best in their endeavors.


Please share your comments below and join us in congratulating our VIPs.


To learn more about the program and our VIP members, visit: Cisco Learning Network VIP