Top 10 Members For 2017 On The Cisco Learning Network

There is absolutely no doubt, that the most valuable asset on the Cisco Learning Network is our entire community. It is because of you, that The Cisco Learning Network continues to grow and thrive. Thank you ALL for your participation, dedication, contributions, and for being an inspirational source to other fellow members who have started their journey to reach their IT Career and Cisco Certification goals.


We wanted to celebrate by acknowledging the top 10 most active members of 2017. These members have been selected based on active participation and accrued activity points. (For context and clarity purposes, the following list was compiled based on points awarded for site participation by the points system used for the Cisco Learning Network platform during the 2017 time period. No implication of subjective ranking for "quality of posts" is meant to be implied.)

Here we go...Our top 10 members for 2017 are...

1. Steven Davidson

2. Juergen Ilse CCNA R&S 

3. Mark Holm - 3xCCIE

4. Peter McKenzie

5. Micheline

6. Kev

7. Leonardo

8. Gus

9. Sergey

10. Sarah


Now, I know we said the "Top 10" but we have so many amazing members that we wanted to throw in the next 10 down the list as well.


11. Martin

12. Ing_Percy

13. Luke Savage

14. Steven Williams

15. Mohamed

16. Joe

17. Paul Stewart - CCIE Security

18. Kirthy

19. Doug Kenline

20. Raymond


It should come as no surprise that our list includes some of our awesome VIP's and Community Spotlight Award recipients. Check out their great blogs and member-led study sessions.

VIP Perspectives

Member-Led Live Study Sessions


Please share your comments below. We look forward to another great year - 2017!