Free Network Security Threatscape Webinars

Today's network security engineer's deal with a complex threatscape of sophisticated attack types, and well-trained personnel are vital to the stability of today's enterprise networks. The Cisco Learning Network is happy to present three new webinars on the following key topics in order to help you validate your IT Security skills. Don't miss these live interactive sessions, presented by subject matter expert James Risler, and learn more about the current threatscape businesses and organizations are facing today.



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Network Security Threatscape, Session 1 -  Introduction
November 2nd at 9:00am PT

In this first session, we'll learn some of the terminology for discussing "threatscape": vulnerability, exploit, threat and risk, and more. We'll also cover common attacks seen in our networks today, such as "Denial of Service (DoS)" and "Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)" attacks. And, we'll review some common spoofing attacks, like IP spoofing and MAC address spoofing. This session is a great place to start toward understanding the basics of network security and sets you up for Session 2.


Network Security Threatscape, Session 2 - Review of Attack Types November 9th at 9:00am PT
Building on Session 1, the second session will cover additional types including: reflection and amplification attacks, social media, engineering, phishing and password attacks. By the end of Session 1 and Session 2, you'll have a good sense of several different types of attacks that you'll need to protect against in a network security career.


Network Security Threatscape, Session 3 - Continuation of Attack Types and Tools
November 30th at 9:00am PT

In Session 3, we'll continue adding to our understanding of other types of attacks, like malware. We'll also cover vectors of data loss and exfiltration, which is how data leaves an organization without authorization. And finally, we'll conclude the series by looking at some hacking tools that can be used for penetration testing for understanding network vulnerabilities.


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