Happy Day of the Programmer!

Did you know only about 15% of organizations feel they have the right talent in place to succeed with digitization? (Forrester Report on State of Digital Business, 2015-2020) According to Cisco Global Cloud Index 2016, by the year 2020 data generated by Internet of Things will reach 600 zettabytes per year. The data stored in data centers globally will grow 5 times, and “big data” needs will reach 247 exabytes, a 10x increase from the year 2015. (Cisco Global Cloud Index: Forecast and Methodology). What we're seeing is a need for new skills for digital business transformation, such as leveraging automation to streamline operational tasks and managing infrastructures across both physical and virtual resources.


Software makes this modern world go ’round, and with every piece of clever software, there’s a programmer. Programmers’ Day celebrates the positive changes that programmers make to progress our everyday lives. Here on the Cisco Learning Network, a community committed to providing resources, we would like to get you started in Network Programmability in three steps!

Step One

Learn the Fundamentals of SDN, Data Modeling, APIC-EM and coding 101 Essentials with free videos from DevNet and Cisco experts.



Step Two

Join the free Network Programmability Study Group and network other people working on their Network Programmability certifications.


Step Three

Access your free trial version of Programming for Network Engineers (PRNE) v1.0 e-learning. A self-paced course designed with interactivity in mind — through hands-on labs, review questions, and summary challenges.


Get started in Network Programmability today and join the Cisco Learning Network!


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