We are excited to introduce former Cisco Distinguished Engineer and Cisco Live Hall of Fame Distinguished Speaker Salman Asadullah as our newest Cisco Designated VIP member. Over the years, he has had a valuable presence in not just the Cisco Learning Network community, but also the Cisco certifications community as a whole. As an active CCIE for 20+ years, he has proctored CCIE exams, developed and delivered multiple online and video-recorded trainings and webinars, and is a member of several advisory, definition, and development teams for multiple Cisco CCIE certification tracks and exams, most recently including the Network Programmability Specialist certification track. Salman led the development of Cisco’s first SDN certification course, Introducing Cisco Network Programmability Fundamentals, and also recorded the first session of our SDN and Network Programmability Basics series.


After 22 years working at Cisco, Salman recently joined the leadership team at NetNuvem, a Systems & Software Integrator. As a CTO & VP Engineering, he leads their global cross-architecture, multi-vendor and open-source technology solutions while working closely with their key customers and partners.


“Software, APIs, and Multi-vendor and OpenSource knowledge are common themes across key technology transitions,” says Salman Asadullah, Cisco VIP and CTO & VP Engineering at NetNuvem. “As we focus more on building systems which truly address business outcomes, we will see a proliferation of APIs and a need to understand software and automation. An effective ‘hybrid’ engineer must have both solid networking skills as well as an understanding of programming and OpenSource technologies and more. I’m humbled by the Cisco VIP recognition, and see it as a great platform to continue promoting learning and development of a diverse group of next-gen ‘hybrid’ engineers.”


Please join us in congratulating and welcoming Salman to the Cisco VIP family.


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