Renewing your CCNA and CCNP Certifications with a Network Programmability Specialist Exam

Candidates are always looking for an efficient and effective way to re-certify their Associate- and Professional-level certifications. With the emergence of network programming to simplify or automate tasks in the network, there are two options that you might consider: Network Programmability Developer Specialist and Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialists exams.


Pass one of these two exams to recertify and learn valuable new skills


The Cisco Network Programmability Developer Specialist certification is for software programmers who focus on the development of the network applications layer to enable service provider, campus, and data center use cases. This certification track develops the foundational skills needed to develop network applications in programmable environments such as Cisco's One Platform Kit (onePK), Open Daylight Controller (ODL), and Application Policy Infrastructure Controllers (APICs). Unlike SDN courses that focus on network theory, this certification adds to your practical networking understanding and utilizes Cisco's experience in WAN, data center, and campus environments to provide you with valuable skills. Note: candidates should be able to program in Python, C, or other languages in an open networking environment as a pre-requisite. This exam (300-560) tests a candidate's knowledge and skills related to programming fundamentals, data handling and formats, network controller platforms and protocols, device programmability (NXOS-API, ASA-API, IOS (XE/XR)), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Cisco Software Development Kits (SDKs), and networking fundamentals. And as a reminder, passing this exam re-certifies your Associate- and Professional-level certifications.


The Network Programmability Designer is an architect role. This individual will collect the customer requirements, be knowledgeable about the applications that leverage the infrastructure, and translate the customer requirements into a recommended open infrastructure. Obtaining the Cisco Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialist certification demonstrates a candidate’s knowledge of the evolving role of network engineers towards programmability, automation, and orchestration. Certification holders will have an understanding of how to leverage the powerful level of abstraction of controller based architectures to create real value. This exam (300-550) tests a candidate's knowledge and skills related to network programmability fundamentals, APIs and automation protocols, data models, operations, and controllers. As with the Network Programmability Developer Specialist certification, passing this exam will also re-certify your Associate- and Professional-level certifications.


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