VIP Announcement for 2017

Happy New Year everyone.


We start off 2017 with our annual VIP announcement. It is with great pleasure that I get to hand this recognition to five people on the site who continuously bring value and skills to our amazing community.


This award brings along quite a few benefits, including an all access pass to Cisco Live, an exam voucher and more.



I've worked closely with all of our VIPs at one time or another so it is really a thrill for me to publicly recognize them and welcome them to the VIP fold.


The envelope please…


Congratulations to our new inductees:

Sergey, Raymond, David, Sarah and Daniel.

You'll notice that these individuals will now be sporting the VIP badge on their profiles and you'll see them writing in upcoming VIP blogs.


And also congratulations to the continuing VIPs for 2017:

Aref, Brian, Chandan, Daniel, Dante, Elvin, Erick, Kevin, Mark, Martin, Mike, Milan, Sean and Steven.


Again… Happy New Year to everyone on the Cisco Learning Network. Let's make this a great year of safe-zone learning.


Wanted to also thanks to two VIPs exiting the program: Jay and Riikka. Jay's work and study have made it impossible for him to have the time to participate on CLN like he has in the past and Riikka is now working for Cisco. We all appreciate them very much and all they've done for the site.


Most Sincerely,



More information: Cisco Learning Network VIP Program