The 2015 Top 10 Cisco Learning Network Discussions2015 is almost “the year that was”, so we’re pausing to reflect on the past 12 months with a few year-end countdown blogs. This one from fellow Community Manager Brett Lovins reviews the Top 10 Cisco Certification blogs from 2015, and you can be on the look out for the next one on the Top 10 Members of the Cisco Learning Network for 2015.


You might not realize just how impactful your participation in this community is, but with more than 14 Million views of the discussion threads alone on Cisco Learning Network this past year, your contributions to the forums not only help to strengthen your technical skills, but you are also paying it forward by helping to answer questions many others clearly have as well. After compiling the following list, I personally was very excited to see the range of technical topics the forums cover.


Without further ado, here are your Top 10 Cisco Learning Network Discussions for 2015:


Number 1: Ping - Port Number?

Here, “Uday” asks if anyone can tell him what port ping uses. Not only was the question beautifully answered, but the thread was viewed over 140,000 times this year alone - wow!

Number 2: Enable secret/enable password

What is the difference between "enable secret" and "enable password"? And what command can we use to encrypt password? Find out the answer right here enable secret/enable password.

Number 3: Looking for Packet Tracer Download

The question is, “Can anyone give me a link to a Packet Tracer download site? Thanks”. Well, Packet Tracer is for students of the Cisco Networking Academy only, however, The Cisco Learning Network is very happy to offer the Cisco Learning Labs as an excellent alternative option. There are many different options to consider when looking for a lab solution for your Cisco Certifications. The Cisco Learning Labs offer instructional videos, guided challenge labs, and zero downtimes for equipment resets, all on real IOS.

Number 4: Show mac address-table / show mac-address-table

Should you use "show mac-address-table" or "show mac address-table"? Former Cisco VIP Scott Morris and many more members break down this question for you.


Number 5: line vty 0 4

Question: What are the vty lines?  Are they used for telnet connections to the device you’re configuring?

Answer: Well, you have to click the link of course: line vty 0 4 - Complete with diagrams and all.



Number 6: What is meant by untagged vlan and tagged vlan? What is the difference between these two?

In addition to that great thread, might I also suggest this wonderfully written VIP Blog: VLANs - It's All a Game of Tag

Number 7: How to assign static IP on a switch

Something tells me there's more to this topic than the title suggests... Hmm...

Number 8: Crossover or Straight through cable?

One of the most common and core questions to networking, what is the difference between the two and when do you use which? Of course there is a certain philosophy some have on this topic.


Number 9: Native VLAN explanation

What a native plan, see also: VLANs - It's All a Game of Tag


Number 10: Classful vs Classless network

What is the difference between a classful and a classless network? Like the Daleks of Doctor Who say, "Explain, explain, explain."


There you have it - the top 10 discussions of 2015 from the Cisco Learning Network. To read more and/or participate, consider joining one of our Certification Study Groups. You can also click here to view all the Cisco Learning Network Discussion Threads.


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2016 here we come!