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There is absolutely no doubt, that the most valuable asset on the Cisco Learning Network is our entire community. It is because of you, that The Cisco Learning Network continues to grow and thrive. Thank you ALL for your participation, dedication, contributions, and for being an inspirational source to other fellow members who have started their journey to reach their IT Career and Cisco ... Read more

2015 is almost “the year that was”, so we’re pausing to reflect on the past 12 months with a few year-end countdown blogs. This one from fellow Community Manager Brett Lovins reviews the Top 10 Cisco Certification blogs from 2015, and you can be on the look out for the next one on the Top 10 Members of the Cisco Learning Network for 2015.   You might not realize just how ... Read more

We are going to cap off 2015 with a series of "Top 10" blogs as we look back over this past year on the Cisco Learning Network. I'm going to write the first one and share with you the top 10 blogs on the site from this past year.   We take great care and pride in attempting to bring you relevant blogs from a variety of viewpoints throughout the year. It was a very cool exercise for me to go ... Read more

IPv6 has been a "hot" topic for a long time now... but it seems like it is "heating up" even more lately. My colleague, Karlo Bobiles, posted a blog a few weeks ago that talked about the official exhaustion of IPv4 addresses in North America: North American IPv4 Addresses Have Run Out. Definitely worth a read and it includes some IPv6 self-study resources as well.   The webinar is free (Dec ... Read more

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