Private Messages Update and New Certification Tracking System How-To VideosHello Everybody!


Some of you may have just finished taking your very first Cisco exam and may be wondering where you can check your exam records or where to check up on your certification status. Where do you go? The Certification Tracking System is the go-to tool for all of your Cisco Certification and exam records.


For first-time users, navigating the Certification Tracking System may be somewhat complex, so we’ve added a few short “How-To” videos that will help candidates become familiar with the different sections and features. You will learn how to check for your certification status, certification expiration dates, exam history, certificates, and more.

Access the Certification Tracking System How-To Videos


Private Messages Update


Also, as you are all aware, we had a website upgrade earlier this year that brought great and exciting new features to help make the user experience much more efficient. After the upgrade, the private messaging functionality had a notable change that received mixed reactions from our community. Previously, members were required to send a connect request to follow members and had to wait to be approved before they were able to send a direct message. This is no longer the case...


Thanks to feedback from our awesome community, a change has been made that allows members to send private messages without the need of an established connection, allowing faster communication between members and community managers/moderators.


To send a private message, simply go to any community member’s profile and click the “Message” button, located on the right side of the page.


Please feel free to give us your feedback in the comments section below.