smaller.jpgAlright. The end of 2012 is near. That means it is time to consider what you want to do for your New Year's Resolutions, right?


There are a group of us that work on the Cisco Learning Network that thought, hmmm... maybe we should all commit to getting our CCENTs in 2013. Then we thought, hmmmm.... maybe others would like to join us. There is something about publicly commiting to accomplishing a goal that is powerful.


So we built the Resolution Rally! If you've been considering a certification and just haven't been able to fully commit to it, maybe joining our group will help you. It doesn't matter which certification you are going for or how long you think it will take you. This is kinda like joining a gym or a club, we are going commit and then support each other as we move toward our goals of getting our certifications.


This group will stay open until the end of February and the we'll make it a private group. So you've got until then...


What are you waiting for? Join the group, print out the Resolution Rally Commitment Poster in the right column, fill it out and take a photo of yourself holding it up. It is that easy.