In preparation for any Cisco Career certification exam, an overwhelming majority of candidates leverage self-study—in other words they use books and study materials themselves and set the structure of their own learning path and direction. In terms of an affordable, popular way to prepare, the community of people learning this way is thriving in part because of sites like the Cisco Learning Network and other forums on the Web that allow people to connect and share best practices.


Here is how to find lots of great resources from Cisco in our Certifications section, in addition to several community discussion threads that contain advice to help you organize, prepare for and kick start your study program:


The Study/Learn and Practice Exam tabs of whatever certification you are working toward are designed to help. Go to the home page and find your desired certification on the left navigation area,then click to find materials for the related exams.



Once you choose your exam, you will find Study/Learn and Practice Exams for each exam you need to take toward your desired certification.



Cisco Career certifications, Entry through Expert level, have these Study/Learn and Practice tabs with learning resources you can take advantage of.


Additional resources include:


Cisco Press Books



Cisco Press Blog


Several helpful references to useful material from Cisco Learning Network community members can be found in these community discussions:



Authorized Self-Study Guide for CCNA Security Discussion



Community perspectives on choosing self-study or a Cisco authorized 3rd party training provider


Aspiring to take Composite Exam? Here's the community discussion of helpful resources


Books and Materials for CCNP


Also, if you are really brand new to the Cisco certifications world, test your knowledge with a free self-assessment!




Assessments are Assess Your Skills



Best of luck in your studies!


Rachel D

Cisco Learning Network Community Manager