Check out the updated Green IT page in the Learning Center. Rachel has been hard at work updating this section on environmentally responsible technology. We're especially excited about Smart + Connected Communities, an initiative to bring a sustainable balance of social, economic, and environmental resources to urban centers worldwide. Visit the virtual Global Fair and Festival, watch video, and more. We're highlighting the consequences of Virtualization, a new home energy monitoring device, and Cisco's Energy Efficiency Portal.


Our focus on Green IT month also includes a look at environmentally-focused jobs in the Career Center, starting with the piece on educating tomorrow's Green IT workforce. The Data Center job roles feature talks about new opportunities in grid computing,  server virtualization and green design.  The latest Career Coach blog from Christine Yoshida is about "Greening Your Career". In the new What's Your Story? feature, Marcus Fan and Leandro Diaz talk about the paths they followed for their certifications (Marcus has over forty!).


Have feedback on these Green IT stories, or ideas for more features? Let us know in the comments.


Carole McManus

Community Manager