You may have noticed lately that when you click on some Cisco Learning Network content, you are asked to log in. I spoke with Lydia Hill, Manager of Learning and Development about these changes, and what they mean for our community.


Carole McManus: What sort of content requires users to log in?
Lydia Hill: The content to help study and practice for certification exams requires login. The more we know about our members, the better we’re able to tailor our content and customize the site for our users’ needs.


CM: How long does it take to register?
LH: Oh it is very painless -- it only takes a couple of minutes. And if you already have an existing account, you can use it. Here’s where you go to register.


CM: What are the benefits of registration?
LH:   You can access a wealth of technical study content, such as Quick Learning Modules, videos, learning games, Practice Questions and Skills Assessments.  Registering also gives you the ability to participate in discussions, comment on documents or blogs, upload your own content and rate study documents.


CM: Does it cost anything to register?
LH:   No.  Registration is absolutely free!  (And you may even win a prize in various promotions that are run on the site from time to time.)


CM:  Can you step us through the process?
LH:  Sure.


Starting here, click on the button to create a new account or activate your existing account.





If you're registering for the first time, simply provide your email address (you'll need a valid email address to confirm your registration) and choose a username and password. Then provide your name and contact information. (Cisco is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information according to our Privacy Statement.)





If you already have a account, but you're new to the Cisco Learning Network, you will be prompted to synchronize your account.





Follow the instructions to choose your Cisco Learning Network Community Display Name. Review the Posting Guidelines/Acceptable Use Agreement, click the box next to "I agree to these terms and conditions" and you're all set!


CM:  Thanks very much, Lydia. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more new faces around the community!
LH:    Thank you Carole.  We are excited to see the community continue to grow.

Lydia Hill has been with Cisco over nine years. She has been a team manager for technical course developers and instructors, a Marketing Communications manager, and she was part of the team that built the CCNP Prep Center and the CCNA Prep Center, which were the forerunners to the Cisco Learning Network. She now manages the Operations Team for the Cisco Learning Network, which maintains the Certifications Center and other vital content.


Which Registered Users Only content have you found particularly useful as you prepare for your certification exams? Tell us about it in the comments.


Carole McManus
Community Manager
Cisco Learning Network